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Look good feel better

I've just spent this afternoon at a Look Good feel better session and come home feeling really cheerful and feeling good. It's not just the make-up and pampering but the opportunity to meet others. Excellent session and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone who's got the opportunity to go to one.

I met a lovely lady who hasn't yet found this amazing forum which made me realise just what a fantastic support this forum has been for me over the last few months (I think we'll see her join us pretty soon).

Bear G

Sounds great! Where did you come across Look Good Feel Better @Adnyl and who’s it available for?

Quote from @Bear G:
Sounds great! Where did you come across Look Good Feel Better @Adnyl and who’s it available for?

Maggie's hosted the session and I found it about it from them. Currently it's only for ladies but apparently there is talk of them starting one for men.

More info about the charity can be found on www.lgfb.co.uk :x::x:


Have also been to a lgfb session at Maggie’s - brill ! Highly recommend :x:


I went to one which I found out about from Helen Rollason Centre - I think Macmillan and other centres advertise them but you can also find your nearest centre on their website. I think sessions for men have started in some areas but not as widespread as the ladies' ones. Highly recommend it :x:


Hi @Adnyl I too attend this at my local Hospital, and I have to agree it wasn’t just the nice skin care and make up session but meeting others and having a chat and a laugh. Highly recommend it :x::x:


@Bear G I attended one of these session about three years ago in Brighton. They are for anyone who has cancer They have a website . www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk/ They are a wonderful charity and well worth a look at. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon :x::x::x: