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gemd281280 (Essex )

Chemo cravings 🙄

Looking for advise please
I started chemo ( Folfox ) last Wednesday and to be fair so far not as bad as I expected ( mainly tiredness) . The problem I have is I can't stop eating . I also have given up smoking last week and haven't actually fancied a cigarette yet either 🙏 Im really worried about how much weight I'll put on of I carry on which seems ridiculous considering what I'm going through but I know weight gain will make me more unhappy and looking for any tips on how to nip this in the bud early as I have 11 more rounds of chemo to go. Also I'm finding if i crave something I have to have it and cake is on the main list of all things right now.
I am on a mental roller coaster right now, battling with 1 minute saying just eat what you want a F*** it as only 6 months so just do it , then the other knowing how miserable I'll be if I put on. The first is winning at the mo. Here's hoping I'll get a bit more of a balance as time goes on. I worked hard health wise to get where I am last few years so this is all such a blow as I had a routine of good food/ exersise etc 🙄
I used to drink on average 3 bottles of wine per week pre chemo so I guess I can use those calories in cake now right instead of wine and still be balanced right ? 🤔😫:x:


Hi Gem.
Wow. I always thought we wouldnt feel hungry and lose weight during chemo.
If it were me i would just eat knowing you are keeping your strength up.
Then work on healthier lifestyle once you are done.
Keeping strong has gotta outway the other mate.
Hope you manage to find a happy median soon.


It's the steroids. I put on all the weight I lost following post-op sepsis and I think I would have eaten people if they had stood still for long enough.


hi gem, i think essexdan is right, eat what you want and keep your strength up, i eat what i fancied during my treatment, and tried to do as much exercise as i could, without doing to much, you will find a balance, good luck john. :x::x::x:


Hi, if you want it then have it. The hunger might pass and better to build yourself up than not eat. The steroids made me eat like a little piggy couple of weeks ago, downside is tight waistband 😂 Good luck. X Linda


@gemd281280 (Essex ) I know exactly where you are coming from I have just finished my 6 months mop up chemo (Folfox) and there was me thinking I would loose weight on chemo .. nope .. the only way I could stop the awfulness in my mouth was to eat chocolate just melt on the tongue 🙈 also craved sweets 🙈 and to stop the sickness feeling along came the biscuits 😆 at the end of the day I did what I had to do, to ease some of the side effects, but the Steriods etc have an impact. Your body is working extra hard while on chemo and using a lot of energy, so eat and keep your strength up hugs Sal :x::x::x:


Well done for giving up smoking, I know how hard it is.
I too think the steroids could be causing the appetite. When my wife was first diagnosed with Lupus she was prescribed very large doses of steroids and could not stop eating.


The steroids certainly give me crazy appetite to just eat anything! Maybe try drinking something when you get the urge to eat as often a drink of some fluids can ease off hunger.

I have gained weight too but seem to have reached a stage where I have my appetite under control as, like you, i didn't want to carry on gaining weight and then find myself 3-4 stone heavier 6 months later wondering "how did that happen?".it is easier to put it on than take it off too (I detest exercise).

To be honest, after typing this, I have no helpful suggestions :)


@itfc1959 love your comment about eating people as that is exactly how I felt with Folfox
@gemd281280 (Essex ) when I was on Folfox it was the steroid days when I would eat anything that didn't move I could easily have consumed 2 weeks worth of calories in those 4 days. The staff manages to convince me the weight would fall off when I finished the chemo. It didn't 😡 I'd just started loosing some bye really watch what I ate when I had to begin Folfiri it's not so bad this time but IV put some more on.
Basiclt just try to eat low calorie things like homemade soups, lower calorie crisps etc Not the cheese and crackers i used to bing on :x::x::x:


Hello @gemd281280 (Essex ) ...Ive put about a stone on and have no excuse at all
No cancer no chemo
Just a husband with cancer . . .Ive had so many nights when it was either a bottle of wine or a few biscuits
I was starting to persuade myself that I couldn’t possibly get off to sleep without a few glasses of wine / gin / whiskey ....so I had to back up on the booze and then replacing booze with cake seemed like a very good idea
Now my husbands cancer is in a bin somewhere and he is secretly eating chocolate bars in the bedroom...but he forgets its a secret vice and puts all the wrappers in the basket
I think we all must accept that life is too short to cut out all the things that we enjoy ...
Eat the Cake you deserve a treat !
Cath :x::x:


@gemd281280 (Essex ) - I seem to be the opposite- I have completely lost my sweet tooth and suffer a lot from metallic mouth and ultra-dryness in my mouth, so spend most of my time eating corrugated cardboard, as everything I eat tastes like that.
My first round of chemo was quite straightforward too, but watch out for round 4 or 5 as that is when the body seems to really kickback against the chemo.


Being on chemo Taxol/Carbo) can be challenging I'm finding that out at the moment. With the ulcers in mouth or the metallic taste. But i am eating what i fancy as everything tastes different.
A year ago over the Christmas period was on Mitto and 5FU and the chemo nurse said eat what you fancy so i did. Boy oh boy i put some weight on but this time the chemo juice is stronger so not going to worry, just going to eat to make sure i stay strong, don't worry about anything else apart from getting better
I have noticed i dislike meat, turkey etc after Christmas my wife thought she would buy 4 turkey crowns as they was going cheap i see her once month gobble gobble gobble the turkey up lol.



@gemd281280 (Essex ) your message made me smile. When I was on folfox I put on over 2 stone as I couldn’t stop stuffing my face. Bacon frazzles and plate after plate of curly fries I used to eat. My oncologist at the time told me it was like pregnancy cravings :x::x: