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2 years

Hello you lovely lot.

I haven’t posted in a while but I pop in every now and then to keep an eye on you all.

I’ve spent all this week sitting indoors, watching tv, eating cake and only leaving the house to collect the kids. I hate scanxiety - it must be the worst of feelings - and the only way I can deal with it is to shut myself away.

I went to see my lovely oncologist today to get my latest results. Everything is still good and my scan was completely clear.

That now takes me to 2 years of clear scans.

I spoke to him about various things and he uttered the words - ‘it’s unlikely to come back’. I’m obviously trying not to focus on this too much but, really, how could I not smile a little bit.

He’s still going to scan me again in 3 months and is also going to send me for counselling. I think my way of dealing with cancer has been to never admit to myself I’ve been unwell and to bury my head in the sand. I think it’s now time to admit to myself that talking to someone may well be helpful and the best way forward.

Much love to you all :x::x::x:


Hi @Rach , don’t chang anything! Keep on doing a thinking what you always did - it obviously worked! If burying used works for you, be an ostrich 😂

Hope you stay well forever!

Sarah x!


Thank you @Sasa. I think I buried my head for far too long - time to come up for air now. Much love to you & Mark :x::x::x:


This is such wonderful news @Rach and I’m so very happy for you. We all find our own ways of dealing with this disease, and whatever you feel will help you then just go for it. I found relaxation was my greatest therapy, it always seemed to clear my head and put me back on track. Hope you are having a celebration this weekend, will raise a glass for you. Love Diane :x::x:

springer michelle

That's really great news @Rach but we have all gone through this stage and its sometimes the hardest part of this journey. Always here for you, I myself have had a tremendously tough time since before xmas :x::x:


C’mon & Boom!!!!!
@Rach .... you are winning.....we all need to hear your story, cos you give us belief and hope that it’s actually possible, so please update us, I 💖 your wonderful life keep being amazing. :x::x::x:


Brilliant news @Rach 👌🏻 :x::x:


That is brilliant news @Rach B) :x::x::x:


@Rach hooray! What wonderful news. Sounds very wise to start taking steps to care for yourself on this next leg of the journey with counselling. Coping strategies whatever they are are fab for a while, but if you have space to breath more deeply and think about it all i believe you end up freer in the end. Best wishes. Love stories like this, they keep us all.going :x::x::x:


@snowsister @OFJ @Lisa75 @lujabuck @DianeS thank you so much for your messages. It’s really very humbling to receive so many good wishes from you all. @springer michelle thank you darling. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been finding it difficult too. I don’t think this time of year helps either. Roll on the warmer and brighter weather :x::x::x:


such GREAT NEWS @Rach !
The biggest milestone! TICKED!


Wonderful news @Rach ☺️. You've come such a long way lovely lady! 😘:x::x::x:


Big hug and love to you too @springer michelle 💕 :x::x:


@Dan-888 thank you. I hope you’re keeping well. @mem thank you Hun. You’re looking as gorgeous as ever in your new photo 😘😘😘


Ahh, thankyou @Rach ☺️😘 :x::x:


@Rach that is brillaint so pleased. My mum had to have counselling too as she had was was described as post tramatic stress as she was also pretending it wasn't happening to her (yet being positive and having a whatever it takes to get rid of it mentality) When the treatment was over it hit her that when people talk about her having had cancer realising they are talking about her and also not wanting to be the sick person anymore, it took her confidence for a while and she became anxious but I have to say the counseliing has been absolutely amazing, she finished her last counselling session on Thursday. So proud of her!

Quote from @Rach:
@Dan-888 thank you. I hope you’re keeping well.

Thank you very much for asking!
My new normal is fitting very nicely indeed! :D


Thank you @SheliasDaughterAngela. I think that about sums it up perfectly. I hope your mum feels better after her counselling. @Dan-888 glad you’re ok :x::x::x:



@Dan-888 I love that. Thank you :x::x: