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lynn collier

Barry’s 65th

On this site during the year I have lost my husband lot of messages have helped me on 5th feb Barry would have been 65th my girls and myself will commemorate it will e sad day but also all the people on here who have lost their beloved this is such a lovely and helpful site love to everyone :x::x:


Hi @lynnecollier. Will be thinking of you on the 5th Feb. Be lovely to be with your family to mark this occasion. It is 10 years this Feb I lost my Dad to Cancer and we always do something around special dates. We were just laughing about old times last night with my sister's and nieces and nephews xx it's all still very raw for you I would imagine but Barry will be looking down on you smiling.:x:


Hi @lynn collier - I'll be thinking about you and your family on Barry’s birthday, it’s the same day as my nan’s who we lost many years ago. Will raise a glass to them both. :x::x::x:


I will be thinking of you and the girls @lynn collier, you are doing so well even though you don’t feel like you are. Celebrate Barry’s birthday, as I’m sure he would want you to do that. Love Diane :x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

Thank you my friend Diane love to you :x::x::x::x:


Thinking of you at this difficult time @lynn collier . I hope you and your girls can find a little comfort and peace, as you remember Barry's birthday.


@lynn collier = just to say I am thinking of you and your family at this time.
Hans :x::x::x:

lynn collier

Aww thank you Hans :x::x::x:


@lynn collier I will be thinking of you and your girls. We celebrated Roys birthday with cake. :x::x:


@lynn collier -although Barry will not be with you on the 5th February he will be in the hearts of yourself and your girls. I will also be thinking about you all. :x::x:


Thinking of you and the girls today @lynn collier, bless you all :x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

Thank you my friend @DianeS 💔 :x::x::x:


big {{{ HUGS }}} for you all today, 5th Feb, @lynn collier


Thinking of you @lynn collier & your family today :x::x:


Sending hugs @lynn collier , thinking of you all today :x::x: