Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

Rob Richardson

slight accident due to "inadvertant side effect"....

Have you seen the clips on TV etc where a drunk person falls arse over tit but manage to keep their drink upright? That was me last night (not the drunk bit), but was on the stairs and slipped on a sock so over I went, and instead of grabbing the banister I instantly grabbed my chemo pump to "protect" it. I wasn't really hurt, however my pride suffered a dent when I bounced to a heap at the foot of the stairs to find my lass, two dogs and one of the cats staring at me a bit dazed clutching my pump above my head like some sort of holy Excalibur!

island girl

@Rob Richardson , gosh so glad your ok, I had a hissy fit in a car park couple days ago as really icy & was terrified of falling, hubby not impressed 😜
Watch out for stray socks, take care :x::x:


I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly :x:


It sounds amusing the way you have written it but it must have shaken you up and glad you're ok. :x:

Rob Richardson

Hi @island girl, yeah I think one of the cats left the sock there as a trap! And thanks @Adnyl and @Gypsy I'm fine, I'm a clumsy git anyway so its just part of daily life for me a think ha. 😊

Polly 1

Oh blimey @Rob Richardson - your first treatment as well wasn't it? You were very lucky not to hurt yourself - but well done on protecting your pump!
Other than that I hope all is going OK :x:


Thank goodness you are ok @Rob Richardson you will look back on that one day and find it very funny! My dog is a sock thief so I can totally see how it happened. Take care Diane :x::x::x::x::x:


Glad your ok @Rob Richardson. I am sorry but I found myself imagining this scenario and found myself having a bit of a laugh. Really cheered me up.

Rob Richardson

No problem @steve707 , found it funny myself and its the type of thing I like to share to bring a little chuckle. 😊