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Chest wall muscle pain

Hi again, looking for some more advice. Towards the end of my 5 weeks chemo radiotherapy, I started getting a tight chest and chest pains. Trips to A&E & GP, with ECGs, blood tests, blood pressure etc showed nothing wrong with my heart. GP finally explained it as inflammation or infection in my chest wall muscles?

Has anyone else had this? Was there any treatment and how long did it take to go?

I’m 5 weeks post chemo radiotherapy and I still have it. Combined with neuropathic pain in my legs, it’s really not helping my anxiety levels!

Good news is I finally have a referral for counselling which should come through next week.

Love and best wishes


Hi @Sam61
Although I didn't get chest pains like you, I certainly got all sorts of other pains. It's great that anything nasty has been ruled out so it makes sense now to concentrate on your emotional well-being and on your general fitness levels.

I found that just a few counselling sessions helped enormously. It also pushed me into other things like more walking in the fresh air or catching up with friends.

Best wishes :x: