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Xelox side effects

Hi. Tomorrow my hubby has first chemotherapy day. Xelox and Capecitabine tablets at home. Had pre chemotherapy assistment appointment on friday and to be honest freaked out of all possible side effects. Already stressing out of such a big responsability.. We have four kids under 13 .. how to control they doesn't pass any infection, viruss..etc.. Would like to hear some real experiences.


@matilda a good sympathetic doctor goes a long way in helping. :x::x:

greyhound gal

Thatโ€™s really good news that youโ€™re getting support too @matilda! ๐Ÿ™‚. Your doctor sounds lovely!
It is a pain trying to keep on top of paperwork, I write down reminders in my diary about sick notes and repeat prescriptions. Now weโ€™ve realised that itโ€™s our sonโ€™s parents evening on the day I have my next chemo, typical!!
Love and hugs, Wendy :x::x:

Quote from @matilda:
Sorry, didn't reply on friday..
Appoitment was ok..more like consultation and checking before start new cycle. The apetite is coming back ๐Ÿ‘ and second night with good sleep in his own bed. Really hope that treatment has start to work.. Ready for cycle 2 today in clinic.
I actually had appoitment last Wednesday for myself.. had descripsion for some antidepresants.
"Some days are like this, others I can be strong and push through it and be very practical. Such an emotional roller-coaster"
The same with me.. exspecially in those days when he feels well I am super strong, up, positive..but in others I just barely survive a day emotionally and physicly.. sending you big virtual hug..โ™ฅ๏ธโ˜€๏ธ

Hi @matilda I hope you and your husband are doing well. My boyfriend is also on Xelox, he's starting his third cycle tomorrow. Just wanted to say that I know how you feel, it's so much easier to feel positive on the days when he seems to be doing well! I was also really worried about him getting an infection but fingers crossed it's going well so far. I'm also thinking of going to GP as I haven't been sleeping well. I hope the medication has made you feel a bit better :x::x:


Hi, @spannerkate โ˜€๏ธ Saw your post today and wanted to write you as our stories seems to be so similar. My hubby just turned 43. Had colonoscopy two days before Christmas, diagnose on middle of January, started chemo (Xelox plus Capecitabine) 2nd of Feb. He is in cycle 2 now and have to say not feeling so well exspecially on first week. But trying his best..
And make an appoitment with your GP for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰, I have found it very helpfull as since I take antidepresants my panic attack are gone and I have better sleep.


Hi guys. My wife had her first round of Oxylaplatin on Thursday which is accompanied by Capecitabine for the next 2 weeks. She has thus far reacted fine apart from the sensitivity to cold and the neuropathy in her fingers. Today she was feeling down but I suppose that is natural. I hope everyone is staying as positive as possible ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Hi @Gareth1980 Same here, first week after infusion (Oxylaplatin) he is really sensitive to cold, and that strange feeling in fingers. You are right, we all have to stay as positive as possible๐Ÿ‘โ˜€๏ธ


Hi @matilda I'm sorry your husband isn't feeling too well. My boyfriend felt quite rough towards the end of the infusion today, his arm got really painful. He also felt sick but had a nap when he got home and seems a bit better now. I guess each time is probably going to be different.
Sounds like our stories are very similar! My boyfriend was diagnosed on 21st December - not a very nice Christmas present! He's not on the forum cos he prefers to just keep his head down and not think about it, whereas I like having a good natter and talking about what's going on! I guess everyone reacts in a different way.
Anyway all the best of luck to you and your husband on the journey ahead :x::x::x:


Hic@matilda realised I didn't reply, sorry. Sending you a big virtual hug also. And others in this chat. My husband is the same @spannerkate keeps his head down. I prefer to get the lowdown and chat to others. He's had cycle 4 now, he has had all of the things you and matilda talk about and he is now on last week of tablets before scans next week to review it. It is rubbish all of it, but we can get through it and remain positive. I keep saying to myself, if the side wff cts are there hopefully that means it is doing something. All best to everyone and will keep you posted on things. Lotsa love and virtual hugs :x::x:


@matilda sorry to hear your hubby isnโ€™t feeling great, Iโ€™m sure your support and love will be helping him to stay positive . Iโ€™m so pleased to hear your doing better since seeing the GP, and that your sleep has improved. Sending lots of love to you and your family ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ :x::x::x:

@Ruth563 and @spannerkate, Im also the one who likes to chat and learn as much as I can, helps me to feel more in control.

@Gareth1980 I hope your wife is ok after her first cycle? My hubby just had his second cycle last Thursday (although heโ€™s on a different chemo cocktail as he calls it ๐Ÿคฃ ) and it has all been much better 2nd time round, he says he feels more in control as he knows what to expect a bit more and he feels really positive now heโ€™s โ€˜in itโ€™ so to speak.

@Ruth563 I will keep everything crossed for you both next week.



@spannerkate my husband wants to talk about that all whats happening with him, but only with me. But He's asking very often whats new in forum, or can I find some info about certain problem, side effect etc.. because he knows me, for me it's very important do research, read, comunicate (not google) thats why I am so happy I found this wonderful place.
All the best for your journey too, we have to stay positive and strong because of our partners โ™ฅ๏ธ
@Ruth563 Good luck for scans next week!!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘And like you said " I keep saying to myself, if the side wff cts are there hopefully that means it is doing something." I really hope for it too!!!!
@Seymore Thanks ๐Ÿ˜˜ Hubby starts feeling better with every day.. I guess the worst is and will be first week of cycle. Still trying to help him gain weight, the problem is that he had already lost lot of weight before Chemotherapy, and now it's even harder to gain. Thats why He refuse to meet anyone except my brother, neighboors (our family friends) because he really look much different now.
Big hugs to you and your family too! Take care of yourself too๐Ÿ˜˜


I am due to start Oxylaplatin and Capecitabine tomorrow. This has been very helpful as in pre treatment chat the affects sound very scary. My journey started in Decmber thinking it was ovarian cysts. Ct then found primary cancer in Sigmoid and metastaesies to Ovaries. Have had Sigmoid Colectomy and Hysterectomy and ovaries removed.


Hi @juliealdis71 and welcome to the forum!

I just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow following your recovery from surgery. It's your second big step and honestly, please just keep an open mind regarding the experience and possible side effects. It can feel quite emotional but the chemo nurses will be very caring, supportive and informative.

Please let us know how you got on if you can!

Best wishes



@juliealdis71 All the best for your chemotherapy today! โ˜€๏ธ


Hubby will start 3rd cycle on Monday...Actually this week have been one of the best since begining of december, to be honest. He have been able to gain weight, visits to toilet are not so painful, he is feeling better and better with every day. Unfortunately found out today (had appointment with our oncologist) that there is BRAF mutation found in blood tests, blood looks fine except this one. BUT oncologist likes the fact hubby start to feel and look better and he is optimistic that this treatment could actually already working. If no, he will get in touch with clinics where is available treatments and therapies for this mutation. Two more cycles and will have our first scans ...probably in six weeks.


Sooo pleased to read that your dear husband has had a better week & is generally feeling a little better for his treatment; long may it continue.
Sounds like his Oncologist is really on the ball & doing everything he possibly can to help - hooray. Well done ๐Ÿ‘ guys ! Stay strong & positive. Sending ๐Ÿ’—, hugs ๐Ÿค— & healing vibes. Hv lovely w/e with ur darling boys :x:

greyhound gal

Really good news @matilda that your husband is feeling better this week ๐Ÿ˜€, and hopefully youโ€™re feeling better too?
Also that your oncologist is on the ball.๐Ÿ‘
How are your lovely children Matilda?
Love and best wishes
Wendy :x::x:

Colin Oscar Pea

Just impress on friends and family that most of the side effects are temporary. For me, only the neuropathy has persisted and that has improved. Take things easy and struggle through to the end then life will resume. Just don't give up.


Thanks @determinedjoan and @greyhound gal really appreciate your support and positive thinking. I really have a feeling we have to be thankful for our oncologist, because I have read lot of experiences that not all of them are is how you say- on the ball. I have a feeling we can trust him and he is doing all (options...etc..)
Our boys are such a blessing and giving us such a strenght to not give up. Was invated for Praise assembly in school again for one of them.. Every single day I am praying to give to my husband chance to be in their lives as long as possible...


@Colin Oscar Pea actually our oncologist said that it's good that hubby has those neuropathy side effects just for couple of days..