Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Bowel not settling after op

I was diagnosed on the 18 Dec with bowel cancer and had a resection op on 3 Jan. Unfortunately they found tumour in 6 lymph nodes so will have 6 months of chemo starting in next 2 weeks.
Worried though because I feel like my bowel is not settling. I feel like I constantly need to go to the toilet, but when I go nothing happens, or something small happens but I still have the same feeling when im done. I feel heavy and uncomfortable all the time. My appetite is still poor and eating too much can make me feel sick.
I want to start leaving the house but worried that I need to be near a toilet in case I need to go - the feeling is starting to wear me down a bit - anyone know when I can expect to stop feeling this way?


Hello @anna41, sorry to hear that you are still feeling unwell. Although it is still early days in your recovery, it would be wise to make contact with your colorectal nurse tomorrow and ask to be examined, - better safe than sorry.Your instincts need to be followed through as the symptoms you describe may, and only may, suggest that your bowel might need some help to settle down. Please let us know how you get on, Kim :x::x:


Hello @anna41 it is very early days so don’t hesitate to contact your colorectal nurse tomorrow, a simple conversation or maybe quick appointment will put your mind at ease, gentle hugs Sal :x::x:

greyhound gal

The colorectal nurses should be able to help, and if not will be able to point you in the right direction.
Best wishes, Wendy :x::x:


Hi @anna41 I had my resection on 4th October and my bowel wasn't settling down either., I felt like I wanted to go all the time and when I did pass something it was like something a toddler would produce! I spoke to the colorectal nurses 5weeks after my op and they said I needed to see my surgeon, they advised me to see my GP as he could do an urgent referral, I saw the surgeon a couple of days later and he said my bowel function wasn't as efficient as it should be, he prescribed fybogel which has been a great help, like others have said speak to the professionals they can help, all the best :x::x::x:


@anna41 i had an anterior resection on 20 September and I'm still not 100%. Things just slowly improve. :x:


Do you have a stoma? And is it temp if so you will get mucus and some poos sometimes. When the stoma is permanent the mucus and baby poos stop coming from your bum.
Sometimes getting back to normal can take time you have had surgery.

Good luck :x: