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In a grump with Stan the stoma

So, all was going so well (only 10 days in). Infact i could see how people love their stomas. However last night he let me down I was awoken to a sh**ty mess. I know leaks happen but man it sent me in a spin. So now everyone is rushinh around getting ready for school/work (it is still wondeful to be home!) And i am sitting waiting for painkillers to kick in feeling rather low and wondering how to master the stoma bag.....tips?
The last two changes i had noticed output had been getting between the skin and adhesive pad......so maybe I'm not fitting it right? It had shrunk so i had to resize hole.
Also some one mentioned an ileostomy support forum.....does anyone have any info on that?
Thanks for being a place for ranting and info.


Hi @lujabuck hopefully stoma nurse can sort out at home visit. It's all a learning curve. Mine exploded once all over the bathroom! :x:


Thanks @Bridget55 yep ill have nurse visit. Also back at hospital tomorrow so may pop and see her (she is wondeful!)

greyhound gal

Hi @lujabuck , first of all I hope you don't think you have failed? Beryl's been with me nearly 11 weeks and I still haven't totally mastered what's going to happen. I'm nearly there, and the stoma nurses have been a fantastic help, but sometimes she's a little tinker!! :x::x:

greyhound gal

Which type of bag do you use? I changed to a Hollister 54100, which has a soft, sort of plastic barrier to stop 'pancaking', the term used for when poo gets stuck between skin and the bag.
My Beryl is stabilising in size but she's now not symmetrical, so I have to cut an oblong'ish shape. Once I'm happy that I cut the correct shape, I can send it off to the suppliers and they can pre-cut the bags for me.
You are doing amazingly well with Stsn! And I'm sure the stoma nurses will help,
Best wishes, love Wendy :x::x:


Hi @lujabuck
10 days in and yes he will still be changing shape, if you have leakage between skin and base plate then your probably putting the bag on the stoma and will need to resize bag to go onto skin.
Ring your stoma nurses up and they will help you resize, they have the experience, everyone is different shape size and skin texture, what works for others may not work for you.
Xxx it’s a big learning curve but you WILL get there. :x::x::x:


@greyhound gal sounds like pancaking. I think in an effort to get it snug i reduced it too much. Bit worried as my skin is already struggling.
@Kareno62 I'll take a look thanks.
And thanks everyone


@Rachel that's helpful. I'm going to grab nurses tomorrow after consultant appointment.....now to find something that isn't pjs that will be comfy to wear!


@lujabuck I live in Jack Wills lounge pants at home and tracksuit bottoms when I leave the house! Am off to see my Stoma Nurse tomorrow as Stacy Stoma is still being a little naughty after four months. I had three leaks last night but find that being prepared minimizes the disruption! Jo :x::x:


Thanks @Chelts really helpful tips. I have changed to the convex bag today after talking to stoma nurse. Fingers crossed for tonight.


@Jomo9 may parents have kindly been and bought me some comfy joggers. Even things that were comfy before aren't, I'm probably still a bit swollen generally. Any way, at least i can leave the house tomorrow now!!


Hi there. I had a few accidents earlier this year. Not nice waking up to the smell or shit on the bedding. Think I was getting a bit complacent so I have a system.

Every night i go to bed I change my stoma bag, wash stoma and make sure every bit of pouch glue is off, then I pay dry with cloth provided, use a piece of kitchen roll more dabbing, then fan down with stoma bag, then attach stoma bag making sure every thing is stuck down.

Had no accident so far...

Since you have you stoma has the stoma hole got smaller larger might need adjustment

Good luck :x::x:


@george1960 thanks for the advice. Seeing stoma nurse tomorrow so going to get her to check size and shape too


Hi are your pouches domed? I got the domed ones and they really helped me. Also something stodgy before bed. And you could put on some extenders. Hope this helps @lujabuck. Big hugs. :x:


Hi there,
I had a stoma for 14,months with just a couple of leaks.
Don't worry there are products that will make it easier for you.
When you change your bag I did every other day, clean your stoma then smear barrier cream around the stoma also you can add some stoma talc this will help with soreness.
Dry with a hair dryer as you are doing this put your bag on a radiator for a few moments take the cover off the bag hold your stomach straight and shoulder back so it fits with no creases.
Then use Colorplast Bravo Tape to stick around your bag it's shaped so you do not have to cut it.
I used two for each side.
I also had a support band that's free on the NHS and your supplyer will have them.
You fit your bag into the band and it helps support it and if you do have a leak it's confined.
Hope this helps PM me if you need any help I will be pleased to give you more advice if needed


Yes I agree with all the above ( not sure about barrier cream though )
We watched a lot of videos on YouTube and picked up a lot of good tips
We use Donuts and Bananas... donuts are very sticky on both sides and go on your skin so only the stoma is visible ( they can stretch a bit ) The skin must be smooth clean and dry so we use stoma powder liberally and then waft it off The stoma bag sticks onto the donut and smoothed out onto surrounding skin and leave your hands on to help the glue stick ... Then we use two bananas to reenforce the bag John also uses a belt
I’ll try to enclose photos !!



Thanks for the tips. I have switched to a convex bag which seems to be working wonders .