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How to stay healthy on low fibre??

Hi all, hubby has been told to follow a low fibre diet as a precautionary measure. I am really concerned as this goes against all our previous eating habits. We have always had a diet high in vegetables, pulses and whole grains. It seems like such an unhealthy option especially as I want him to stay healthy and strong.

I have requested an appointment with the dietician but in the meantime am confused. The list of ‘allowed’ vegetables is so small and different trusts seem to suggest different ones. I don’t want him to suddenly rely on lots of meat, wheat and dairy as we have always kept these as a small element of our diet.

I was wondering if I could juice vegetables for him but can’t find a definitive answer and the specialist nurse wasn’t sure? Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to ensure a varied and balanced variety on this restrictive diet? Thank you in advance :x::x::x:


@Adnyl thank you for these and for tagging me in the other post. Will have a good look through :x:


The ONLY juice/smoothie type drink I have found with zero fibre in is the Tropicana range in Tescos. They do about 4 different ones but is a good way to keep vits and minerals from juice and veg up without any detrimental fibre...


Clear bottles - red, green, orange and another mayve


Hi Seymore, we got exactly the same advice - which really confused me. David went from a pretty healthy balanced diet to a pretty beige one. His weight was dropping so I figured just eating any calories was good and happy indulged requests for chicken nuggets & chips. However as he started chemo I noticed his energy levels were shocking, great bigcrashes, also lots of nausea. Then when we went in for scans we were told the chemo hadn't had enough of an effect. I thought stuff this I'm taking a bit of control back. So now I've started to bring back some of the colour. Asparagus, cucumber, courgettes, tomatoes & salad leaves to start with. Lots of fish, bits of chicken. Juiced ginger, apple and carrot to start the day. I'm not a nutritionalist but he's been so much better in lots of ways - energy, positivity, nausea and it seems to have helped rather than hindered with stools and abdominal pain. There are somethings we've eliminated by trial and error - mushrooms, corn. And it's always white rice, white sourdough bread. I've found that Rebecca Katz "The Cancer Fighting Kitchen" is a really good source of advice and ideas :x: