Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

Rob Richardson

side effects re; emotions?

Hi all. Hope I'm not blagging your heads with questions,just the help I'm getting here is second to none. Has anyone else felt a sense of being completely lost, alone but not alone, constantly evaluating so much about who is in your life and who is good to have and who not to? Some circumstances regarding how I map out the rest of my future are present, with what seems like a million different avenues, to an unknown destination. Kind of smashing my head at the moment. Its not just from my diagnosis, there's a handful of big things that have occurred that I'm struggling to deal with.


Well yes, I did though maybe not entirely the same as we all have different stuff going on, don't we and such an individual process.
It's evaluating and reviewing things really, I feel.


Yes @Rob Richardson , what you’re going through is completely understandable & normal. I feel for you. I don’t know how old u r, but I’m guessing I’m considerably older than u (60 next month) & hv therefore, most fortunately for me, got v stable family & old established friends, which I know for certain have helped me to deal with the diagnoses of two primary cancers & their treatments these past 8 years. Counselling has also helped me & might well be of benefit to u, too. Sometimes it’s more helpful to speak with somebody professional & experienced than family or friends. Your local Macmillan Manager could arrange this for u or a Maggie’s Centre. There is also the Macmillan freephone telephone helpline, available Mon-Fri 8 -8 pm.
Know that you’re not alone; we are all here for u.
Thinking of u & sending love 💗 & hugs 🤗. Pls keep us posted :x:


So you feel like crying, yes did affect me and I had a good cry and felt better after



@Rob Richardson

Even though I am the wife of a patient your thread is not lost on me at all. I think that is why we all feel so much more support on here than we do from friends and family. You need to be around and talk to people that really understand and even though well meaning friends and family try their hardest they just don't get it at all.

Our lives have literally changed forever - I will never be the same person that I was before Mike's cancer diagnosis in June 15. I'd like to think that I am a better person now - one who appreciates a lot more in her life but I can say that now that Mike is doing really well.

I remember lonely nights either crying to myself, or with Mike, worrying about what the future would hold for both of us. We have three teenagers so it was hard BUT we got through it. I guess I decided to change my attitude by doing some things that we had always wanted to do like weekends away, eating in some really good restaurants, creating my own vegetable garden (something Mike and I can do together - I used to hate gardening and literally love it now!) and getting rid of negative people from my life. I spend much more time with my family and at home just enjoying the basics of life.

Not sure if I'm helping much but what I want to say is you are not alone at all. We are all here for you - sending a big cyber hug your way :x::x::x::x:

Tiffany :x:


As I said to the lovely people in Maggies recently, it’s the kindness of strangers that really gets to me. I have no immediate family and had just recently moved 400 miles to Scotland when I was diagnosed. I had barely met my new neighbors and had a limited social life due to building works. Since then I’ve found a really good friend socially and a lovely lady found me on here and as we’re going to the same place for the same treatment, she gives me lifts. I felt very, very alone when this started as it couldn’t have come at a worse time. But now things are looking brighter. I still have awful things to face but there are some lovely, generous, kind people in this world. I’ve found some for me so look around you, smile and say hello to strangers. My life is not so frightening now. May you find what you need soon. I send you a big hug.


Hi Rob
If ever you have a chance to choose who you spend time with. It is now. We make sure our home is our sanctuary. We dont make commitments to anyone and can opt out on the day if we are not up to it. Gardening was wonderful all last year and we are looking forward to new seeds growing this year. Our worlds have changed irrevocably but lots and lots of blessings. Live how you want to . Best care for your illness is least amount of stress possible. If you are tired it will pass . Plan fun distractions ❤. My hubby loves nature programmes for their calming intrigue. Fresh air and bright evenings are lifting our moods. Best wishes on this emotional rollercoaster. Mindfulness really helps to stay in the present. :x::x:


Although I am the husband of a patient, your post really struck a chord with me.
As well as a wife going through this we also have a grown up son (actually wish he would grow up) who is an addict and seems to be in a downward spiral. While my wife and the medics work to save her life he seems to do everything to end his and has done for many years. However, what I have learned is to accept what I cant change and concentrate on what I can. Also amongst all the sadness its important to find some joy, however small it may be. I wish you all the best and ask you not to be hard on yourself and trust things do not improve with worry.


Dear @Rob Richardson can totally relate to your post. It is the strangest experience. I felt during the early stages if my diagnosis I had a short time to grasp what matters. Sadly most of the time I now feel too ill to care and to manage the most essential of appts is a struggle. But then maybe it will change again

I really very much wish the best to you. Every strength. Every joy

Rob Richardson

Hi all, thank you for your replies, and its surprising for so many people to say they felt very similar. Its a strange bunch of all sorts this cancer malarkey isn't it! Just keeping positive now, and best wishes to you all in your current situations. 😊