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Richard Staff (Support and Information)

Share your top tips on diet + lifestyle for our new booklet

Hello everyone,

We’re looking to update and review our ’Your Diet & Lifestyle: Living with and beyond bowel cancer’ health information booklet and we are looking for people affected by bowel cancer to feature in it.

You can see the current version at

Throughout the booklet you will see a few people with bowel cancer giving their top tips on managing their diet and lifestyle.

Ideally we’re looking for a sentence or two that describes a problem and gives a solution.

For example: "When I get pain in my side by my stoma and I think I may have a blockage, I lie on my back with my knees bent and gently move my knees from side to side whilst massaging my side. This helps enormously and sometimes works straight away."

We’re looking for your problem and solutions on a few topics, which include:

- Eating fibre: tips on a low fibre diet and reintroducing fibre
- Tips on eating during chemo or other treatment
- Tips on managing fatigue through diet and lifestyle
- Tips on managing weight loss
- For people with advanced bowel cancer, have you had any problems with your diet or weight? What has helped?
- Tips on coping with symptoms – diarrhoea, constipation and wind. What works for you?

We’re looking for one or two tips for each bullet point, if you have a top tip comment on the post below or email them to @Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms) on

If we do publish your top tip, then we’ll ask full permission to print it alongside your name and possibly a picture.

Many thanks in advance!


I suffer terrible constipation but i dont want to always rely on medication (laxatives) all the time, so on a morning i have a medium sized glass of prune juice on a empty stomach, it works wonders and if my body is being stubborn i repeat the next morning!


Have sent an email to the address published above


@Richard Staff (Support and Information) would it be appropriate to include something on fasting pre-chemo or not? I fast for 48 hours and have very few side effects and have stopped the ant-nausea medication and steroids. But you may not think it appropriate to include

Richard Staff (Support and Information)

Hello @Barbara thanks for the tip. Even if it's quite right for this publication, it could be used elsewhere in the future. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms)

Thanks for your top tips! I'm collating them at the moment and if we use them I'll send you an email (or DM on here) to ask for full approvals.


Hi @Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms)
I use the FODMAP diet as a guide, both when I had a stoma, and now that I am fully recovered. I don't follow it very strictly, but avoiding certain fruits and vegetables (e.g. apples, onions) and using lactose free milk makes life a lot more pleasant.


Hello @Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms) I have found that cooking vegetables rather more than I used to makes them easier to digest, no more al dente, but it means I can still eat most vegetables.


@Fran Staff (Marketing and Comms) One thing I learned was that after iliostomy reversal I ate too much on the ward, result constantly in toilet! Very uncomfortable and stressful. So my tip would be to limit the food intake after wards.