Just diagnosed


bowel cancer

hi all
Had the call to go and see the consultant tomorrow at 10.30am for all results MDT sat yesterday 2 weeks to the day that the tumour was seen on the colonoscopy. MRI CT blood tests all will be know where I am at. trying to be busy today scared for tomorrow as this is it. Want to wake up and have come through the other side have being thinking of the worst and hoping for the best but tomorrow is the plan facts no it might be it will be :x::x:


Yay! A plan @judith! Thank you for updating us. It's great to hear there is no spread and it's great to read you are having surgery which is a huge positive!
I hope you can now relax a little after no doubt a very draining day. Enjoy some family time and enjoy those lovely red roses too! How lovely 🌹:x::x:


@judith such a good news! 👏🌞🌹


This is really good news @judith. My hubby had keyhole surgery and was told he might have a stoma. He didn’t need one in the end. Best wishes for your op on the 20th. :x::x:


@judith I am so glad it all sounds positive for you. And what a beautiful gesture from your husband. You have a plan! Yay! I will update you tomorrow about my meeting - let’s hope my outcome is as positive as yours. 🤞🏻Have a lovely evening - I hope you can relax a little bit now. Much love :x:



Sharing my gift with you all :x::x:


Great news @judith, you have a plan and its a good one. Gorgeous flowers!! :x::x::x:


Really pleased for you, the roses are beautiful . Wishing you all the best for the 20 th :x::x:


Great news @judith and what beautiful roses 🌹 enjoy your evening :x::x:


That's news I like seeing. We all start the journey an absolute mess full of worry and sometimes the worse scenario we have played in our head turns out not to be well done..:x::x::x:


So pleased you can now see a way forward @judith. I know that terrible feeling of not being able to breathe due to anxiety. You have done really well, and it’s great news that surgery will be taking place. Absolutely beautiful flowers and well deserved. Love and best wishes Diane :x::x:


Wonderful news, so very pleased for you :x::x::x:

island girl

@judith what good news, beautiful roses, lots love :x::x:


@judith I am so pleased for you, you now have a plan so the relief must be immense. Good news that your scans were clear of any other nasties. Thanks for sharing the roses, they’re beautiful ❤️


Great 👍 news @judith & beautiful flowers & message from ur husband; thanx 4 sharing.
All v best for 20th - not long now.
My surgery was keyhole & I was fortunate enough not to wake up with stoma. Recovery was v quick. Wish the same for u too. V well done 👍 4 today :x:


Hi Judith, great news of no spread. I had APR and got over it, permanent stoma which I was told but what a difference it has made for me. I'm now on mop up chemo. Keep on this forum as there is great support and you can ask anything, don't be afraid to ask as you will get answers. It has really helped me. Love to you and your family. Linda :x:


Fabulous news no spread @judith, hope it’s helped put your mind at rest. Won’t be long now until you are cancer free, onwards & upwards, best of luck :x::x:


Marvellous news @judith .what a relief for you both. Wishing you all the luck in the world for a very successful op and recovery. Bighugxx


@judith that’s great news, so pleased for you. What a lovely husband you have! :x::x:


This is very positive news @judith hope you feel more relaxed now :x::x::x: