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After a colonoscopy

Hi all...again!! Is it usual for the bowel to goto sleep after a colonoscopy? Just wondering as despite hubby eating well again after his procedure output yet! He is drinking lots . I can understand the colon going into a sulk after being poked!


I`m sure it will have a sulk after @abergirl , but you also may find it slower due to a good clean out. Fingers crossed it gets moving today :x::x::x:


Morning @abergirl, it may be if your husband was given any pain killers or sedatives that these led to constipation? ....... and yes the bowel might be a bit sulky as well. I am sure that things will settle, - let us know, Kim :x::x:


Thanks both .yes..he had sedation..I hadn't thought of that. He feels aches etc..and rumbling is going on! I just worry about everything! Will keep it light today and plenty of fluids. I don't really want to start the Laxido ! :x::x:


Do remember his bowels were completely emptied prior to the colonoscopy, he needs to eat and the food work its way back through now :x:


Thanks @Adnyl ...I am such a worrier! We were given pictures as well as the colonoscopy report...and his colon was sparkling! ! That Klean prep does the job!! Will make sure he eats well and has plenty fluids too. How are you doing yourself? :x::x:


@abergirl Yes I remember my husband getting really concerned when there was no movement for about 4 days after but fear not, he was soon back in action. :x:


Thanks...I feel much less worried now.....what a great place this forum is...I am waiting for the news of lift off!!! 😜


Pleased to report a mini lift off for hubby at 2.3o am ....... looks like things are gradually moving through again...thanks everyone for keeping me calm!! :x::x: