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Peeling hands treatment

Hi all, just thought I’d share this with you and hope you find it helpful.
I’m halfway through my 4th & final round of Xelox and for the past 2 rounds I’ve had real problems with the skin on my hands peeling & finger tips splitting open.
I’d been using the E45 cream the onc team gave me & also Helping Hands from Lush & Hemp handcream from the Body Shop, but nothing really helping so they tried me on Calmurid but again didn’t really make much difference. They’ve now given me some Pliazon and oh what a difference! Only been using it for 2 days but my hands have improved dramatically.


Glad you’ve found something that works 4 u; thanks 4 sharing :x:


My hands were dreadful and badly peeling. My dr prescribed QV cream and it's also been fantastic.

Bear G

Hi @Linda
Thanks for this. Other creams people have found work for this (it’s a capcitabine/ Xeloda side effect) are Doublebase Gel, Udder Cream and, to a lesser extent Aveeno

Pixie O

Hi @Linda glad you've found something that's helped at last 🙂♥️


Glad your hands are getting better.