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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Can anyone shed any light on operation timescales?

Hi all,

I'm at yet another stage of treatment when i don't know what's next. Wondered if anyones experience coukd give me any hints!!!
I had an ultra low bowel resection two weeks ago. I have now been referred to liver specialist for a liver op (no more chemo needed, liver op is next thing)
I have been told I'll have an MRI in 4 or 5 weeks but have no idea when after that the op would be. What kind of timescale do you think ? Or will it depend on how well I recover from this bowel op??


@lujabuck Wishing you well on your bowel surgery recovery :)
My OH had a permanent colosotomy and saw the liver specialist 4 weeks after extensive bowel surgery, I think he then had his liver resection 5 weeks after bowel so pretty quick :) :x::x:


@Lexi eek!!! Ok. Good to be prepared for it much quicker than we first thought (waa going to be April/May when they had Chemo planned too)
On the plus side i could be cancer "free" by my birthday!!


Charlies op was the other way around so lung first and then bowel, we were originally told minimum 6 weeks more like 8 weeks and then it was like @Lexi and 5 weeks after the first op. Tons of luck with the next op @lujabuck :x::x::x:


@lujabuck I do wish you tons of luck, My hubby made a speedy recovery from the bowel surgery, but the easier op (liver) took more out of him, I think this was because his body did not have time to regenerate but in the grand scheme of things we just wanted it out because it became operable. If you have any questions or worries just message me, try not to worry too you have only just had your bowel surgery :x::x::x: