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Ernie 111

Liver Resection Advice

Hi l had my resection on 25/01/19 had my staples removed on Friday 8/2/19 there’s a little bit of weeping on them and the drain hole hasn’t healed district nurse coming back tomorrow to check them.i was wanting to know at this stage how any one who has had this operation felt I have various problems. My stoma has swollen making it difficult to get my pouches on,my stomach seems to be drum tight and I have the feeling of butterflies in there all the time on the outside of my thighs it is very painful meaning I can’t ly on my side but my most worrying is my lack of appetite as I need to eat to help the liver grow


Hi @Ernie 111 . I am glad that you are getting things checked out- you are very soon after major surgery so I guess the things that are happening can be explained but you need to be sure all is well. However, I have heard that loss of appetite after liver surgery is quite common so I would get some advice on that aspect too. I remember that I struggled with that. Your GP can prescribe nutrition drinks that have all the necessary vitamins and minerals in them so I would ask for those.
Hope it all goes well with the nurse tomorrow and that you find that you can eat a little and often perhaps to start with.

Ernie 111

Thanks gypsy will check gp and check out drinks