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Wellness during and after treatment

Bear G

Free online meditation

My friend Davinder is my meditation teacher and has just started a free online meditation group, she’s asking for occasional donations, all of which will go to Bowel Cancer UK (who run this forum).
Please check it out on this link for information

Here’s the link for Mindfulness Meditation Circle:

Big hugs


Brill ! Thanx sooo much ! :x:


Just joined thanks bear G

Bear G

I’ve just put the link in the original post @determinedjoan


Thank you @Bear G, I love meditation, so will definitely join :x::x::x::x:


Thank you I have signed up. I look forward to sessions. @Bear G


Thank you @Bear G ! Noting down to check-out later!

greyhound gal

Thank you @Bear G , I definitely need something like this :x::x:


This sounds like a lovely thing, have signed up. Thank you @Bear G for sharing this :x::x::x: