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Ct scan showed a artefact??

Sorry I’m scaring myself this is Bowel related.
I went to A&e last week with off balancedness it’s been unwell lately they reckon it’s a ear infection or to do with my ear however I’m freaking myself out.

They said they saw something which was classed as a artefact. The first doc was like it’s nothing we always see this. But because I’m dizzy they wouldn’t let it go and they sent me for a mri. Me being claustrophobic couldn’t go in the machine so now I’m being referred to a neurologist tomorrow. I’m worried because they said it’s nothing but why are they pushing it. Has anyone had a artefact before on a ct scan?


Hello @ddbatman, I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell, but I am confused about how it is linked to your bowel, or was the artefact in your Bowel? Please let us know, Kim


@ddbatman, personally I can't see how it could possibly be connected with your bowel. The most common cause of vertigo is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo caused when tiny particles of calcium carbonate become dislodged and float about in the inner ear canal causing the signals relating to position of your head in space to send confusing messages to the brain. (The otoliths in your ears are the organs/receptors involved). It's very common and many people get it at some stage in life. It is also quite common to experience vertigo after a viral ENT infection and you say you have been unwell lately and that the doctors think that you have had an ear infection. I'm sure that the neurologist will reassure you and these things just seem to settle down with time and you very hopefully won't need any treatment. I hope that you get better soon. If the doctors say it is nothing then I would be inclined to believe that myself and not go getting worried yet again. These things happen sometimes in life, it is the way it is.:x::x:


Hi I suffer from Claustrophobia and have Marks all the time the only thing I must do before is take 15mg diazipam, 20mg of oramorph about 30 minutes before scan. I have eye covers and headset on and after say about 20 mins start to get pannick by I tell them before the scan so they do the important parts. Never had a problem in the last 2ish years.

George good luck :x::x::x: