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Diverticular Disease and Stoma...

So....I will try to keep this short but am getting concerned and can’t find the information that I need. I have looked at previous threads and comments on diverticular disease and although many people also seem to have it there are only passing comments.
Since my surgery which was complete APR, I have occasionally had lower left side pain which I could relatively easily get rid of by gentle massage. For the past few weeks however, I have had it more often and more painful and harder to ease. I have always thought it was wind or a mild blockage. I started looking up other cancers - as you do...! Last week I had quite severe pain and then sickness but just like coffee grounds ie black and just fluid. Then I remembered that after my surgery the surgeon did mention diverticular disease. On researching it online it appears all my symptoms do fit.
The problem I have is finding any information for people with stomas. The advice it offers is to eat high fibre food which since the surgery I have a problem with, I can eat a certain amount of fruit and veg fibre but along with the other symptoms I am having almost constant loose output rather than the firm consistency it had settled down too so hence more fibre can surely only make that worse.
I feel I have come a long way in adapting to everything but now this is bringing me down as I don’t know at any point if I am going to come down with sickness again.
I am sorry to be rant on about something so minor compared with all our other fears (I’ll leave those for another day...) but I don’t really know what food to eat :x::x::x:


Hello @Stillme, I’m so sorry to hear that you are having these problems but I think that it is really important to see a Doctor about these symptoms and get a firm diagnosis and advice about the management. The pain and vomiting need to be double checked. Take very good care and stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


Hi @Lirio345 thank you for your response you are right and I will call the colorectal nurse tomorrow to get it checked out. If it is diverticulitis then I just hope I can get advice on what to eat :x::x:

terri m

Hi @Stillme .. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing these horrible problems, with tummy pain & sickness... I think I would def get hold of your GP or team tomorrow.. You can only assume that it is Diverticular disease, but best to get it checked for your peace of mind .. Perhaps just stick with a bland diet for now until have got to the problem.. I can only inagine how you must be worrying.. I have had right sided pain for weeks, but only had my bloods done 4 weeks ago, so I am relying on these🤞. You coukd ask to have your CEA bloods done again, This may put your mind at ease... Anyway hope you get it all sorted & you are feeling better soon.. Thinking of you xxx💖


Hi @Stillme I suffered with diverticular disease and always thought it was IBS. I had a really bad flare up after we returned from holiday in 2015, and after fainting with the pain I was taken to hospital, only to discover I need a stent fitting as my bowel had blocked completely. I had a narrow escape, but sadly during surgery to remove the diseased section of bowel, they discovered a cancerous polyp. This was small but aggressive, but had nothing to do with the diverticular. I think I was lucky that I had this flare up, otherwise the cancer may never have been discovered as I had no bowel cancer symptoms. I would definitely get yourself checked out. I can't really help you with diet as I didn't have a stoma, but do think you need professional advice. Best of luck and I hope all goes well for you Diane :x::x::x::x:


I agree with everyones comments above and also for assurances to always if in doubt seek the professional opinion. Starting with stoma nurse or making an appointment with the surgeon who performed the APR. It doesn't hurt getting it checked properly

Good luck hugs :x::x: