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Memory loss.

Hi all. Has anyone experienced permanent memory loss after a bad reaction to general anaesthetic?
My hubby has 2 GA's. with severe confusion afterwards each time. He is now 75. The short term memory is shot and people are noticing. It breaks my heart for such a clever and articulate man . He also had chemo.....which didn't help the memory!! He is happy and recovering well from his colon cancer....but I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. :x::x:


Hi @abergirl
I am so sorry that you and your husband are struggling with this. Sadly, my father had problems too, following his ileostomy, although he was in his mid 80s so wasn't advised chemo.

One of our problems was that the hospital just assumed he was elderly and confused and didn't investigate. With hindsight I would have tried to follow this up as a separate issue and asked if there was any help. Like you, I don't know if this was always going to happen, or whether it was made worse by the anaesthetic. Either way, it's not going to get any easier without help, so perhaps you could talk to your GP and ask for an appropriate referral. Do, please, ask for any practical help that you might be entitled to. It must be so hard for you to do the work and the worry for two.

Sending hugs :x::x:


Thanks @Lizalou is difficult to know isn't it? time goes on I will have to seek advice for sure..ironically he seems to be making good recovery thus far from all his treatments. ..only a ct scan to go now on 4th is a right so and so isn't it !! :x::x:


Thanks @GROBER I will follow the link..that sounds very interesting. :x:


Marvellous information....thankyou very much.:x::x: