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When to return to work??? Feeling the guilt!!! (Beware rambling post!!)

Ok, it's silly i know and I'm fussing about nothing but would appreciate some advice.....
How do people decide when to return to work? My work are so understanding and flexible but in some ways me having to make all the choices is hard.
I worked reduced hours through chemo, then stopped for radiotherapy....just couldn't cope mentally.
Then i spoke to them about op/chemo/op combo and said it would be after second op. However now I'm skipping chemo....therefore mentally feeling well.....so should i consider some days back before second op....or should i just take a couple of months to just get better and spend energy on kids?? So hard to judge......especially as i have half hour feeling fine, think i can take on the world, feel guilt not working.....but then need a nap!!!
Oh dear, what a muddle my head is in.


Hi @lujabuck take some time off for a couple of months and reflect on a way forward 😁❤️


@lujabuck , I agree with @GD62. You have more to come and to prepare for and the liver op may not be that far away. Take the time off and spend it with your family and in getting yourself as strong as you can be, both physically and mentally. You're going/have been through a lot and it definitely isn't silly or fussing about nothing, quite the reverse!! Lots of love, Gypsyxxxx


@Gypsy @GD62 thank you so much.....i think i just needed someone else to say it. I've never done sick leave before, feels strange! But i think resolving to go back when I'm ready after second op means i can enjoy this recovery time.....by then hopefully this cancer will have gone and i can start rebuilding my life.


Hi @lujabuck - just wanted to say I agree with @Gypsy and @GD62 - have some time to recover and reflect and spend with the family; plenty of time to think about work once you’ve recovered from your second surgery. Your body and mind have been through a lot already - time now to build yourself up for the next op and enjoy your family 🙂 :x::x::x:


Hi @lujabuck I totally agree with everyone else that your mind and body need the time to fully recover, especially if you also have another operation coming up. Just take things easy and spend time with your family until you are in a better position to re start work. Best of luck with your decision Diane :x::x:


Hi @lujabuck
I also have a wonderful workplace, I have not worked since Aug 29th. Could not get my head around having a 3rd spread. The liver op wiped me out physically so I decided to make sure I was fully with it physically and mentally.
Had CT scan last week,if results good I’ll be back next week - half days, if not I’ll stay off.
I have worked home since my diagnosis and worked during my chemo also. I kinda had a guilty conscience about not working and wanting to get back, but now it’s about me.
Think about YOU first and foremost, if your knackered your not going to be much use to your children.


@jinnyp @DianeS @Rachel Thanks for the encouragement to take the time i need.
@Rachel hoping for good CT results, keep us posted