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Feeling very anxious at the moment. Had bright red blood on toilet paper on 5 occasions since November. Seen doctor numerous times and was being treated for possible anal fissure. However since start of Feb loosing weight an itchy bum and some mild nausea as well as 2 black poos last 2 days but normal this morning. Bloods were clear recently but the doctor has send off new bloods urgently.

Bear G

Hi @newby
Sorry to hear you’re going through all this, the uncertainty is probably the toughest thing.

Just as reassurance, there are lots of things that could be causing this, cancer is only one of the possibilities.

It sounds like your doctor is doing all the right things for you. Depending on the results it may be worth suggesting a referral to a gastroenterologist to check things out.

Fingers crossed you get a clear diagnosis soon.

Big hugs


Thanks Bear. Already have set the wheels in motion to get referred, hopefully should be seen within 3 weeks. The waiting and worry are making things worse. Finding it hard to face work, people even my kids. Fingers crossed.


I'm so sorry @newby for all the horrible worry and anxiety of this. We all know about the waiting and worrying on here. Distraction is the best way while you wait- anything and everything to take your mind off it, even if it is just for a moment. Do things that you enjoy as that helps. I'll be hoping for the best for you and hope you'll keep in touch.


Thanks gypsy, sadly keep distracting myself with doctor Google which isn't good. Each little new niggle I end up googling. New blood results tomorrow and appointment with a consultant 25th Feb so things moving quickly which is good.