Younger people with bowel cancer


Giving something back

After feeling the pain and mental issues this road causes, at xmas i decided to give something back and to help take the kids minds off of everything that is going on in their lives, it was the best feeling ever donating to the sick kids cancer unit edinburgh, to be able to help them forget even for a short period of time. I would advise everyone to try it, what a feeling it was, they even made me a Callander to say thank you. It was the first time i done this and wont be the last. ❤️


You’ve put a smile on my face @mikey83. Good luck with the rest of your endeavours :x::x:


Thank you all 🤗, i can remember always worrying (i still do) but we learn to deal with it over time. The thought of kids trying to do that really hit home, so to take in gifts of either toys or arts and crafts that will let them foucus on something else and loose themselves in somthing other than this horrible situation even for 30mins was worth every penny.
Hope you are all well :x::x:


What a wonderful gesture @mikey83. Big thumbs up 👍from me too!


Well done mikey, great effort, read your story, and so glad your doing well,

cant wait for my scans in may, and in the meantime I am doing my charity effort to raise money for BCUK and our local cancer charity also.

keep up the good work.


Marvellous well done @mikey83 :)


Great work @mikey83! I always knew you were somebody kinda special!

Hope you make the next Edinburgh meet up and the BCUK Patients day at Surgeons quarter in June!

Lots of love,



Thanks guys ❤️


@Baxter2 ive not heard of any info yet, just tell me shere and when, im not missing this one :x::x::x:


@cdnico read your bio just there, keep powering on, your doing great.



Patients day is Sat 15th June @mikey83

There will be further info on the website soon I'd imagine. I wondered about some of us maybe going out for a drink together and/or food somewhere in town afterwards?

Karen 💚💜❤️💙💛


@Baxter2 perfect!! Count me in, looking forward to catching up, drink and food sounds great, we can get numbers and i will get somewhere booked up

Mikey ❤️ :x::x:


Brilliant @mikey83

Book the patient sdsy through the charity but I'll put a post re a catch up afterwards. I think it would be good to meet near surgeons quarter (or even in the place of this is possible) I'll check what's available and around to 😉🤞

Take care and have a lovely day Mikey!

Lots of love

Karen 💛💜❤️💙💚


@mikey83 what a lovely thing to do 🙂
So glad you are doing well :x::x::x:


Thank you @jinnyp hope your well :x::x:


@Baxter2 im on the case now.
Looking forward to it.

Have fun, take it easy too.

Mikey :x::x::x:


Hi the session in Edinburgh sounds interesting but I could not find a link in the charity site. Can anyone help me?

Richard Staff (Support and Information)

Hopefully the info will be online in the next few weeks. We're just finalising some of the details so we can give everyone a clear idea of what will happen on the day.


Hoping to make patients day subject to recovery after op. Still haven’t a date but hoping for 1st week April. @Baxter2 I’m sure you’ll keep me informed :x: