Stage 4 bowel cancer


Scan results devastated- help second line treatment

Hello all,
Im afraid ive not been very active on the forum as ive been in and out of hospital and as a result ive not been able to have any chemo for six months.
I had my CT scan results yesterday and whist i was anticipating some spread i did not expect it to be so vast. Previous CT only showed two lymphnodes para-aortic and celiac trunk. However, latest scan shows spread in Liver, Lung, peritoneum and lymph node by mid spine and bone.
Oncologist suggested not currently strong enough to start chemo and will review in two weeks. She has suggested second-line chemo of irinotecan having previously had folfox. I was wondering what second line treatment people have had after spread and folfox??
Really worried that wont be strong enough in two weeks as was only discharged on Monday evening and so spread will continue.
All advice will be appreciated :x::x:


Thinking of you @Wren17 , sending hugs and healing good wishes. I hope the feeding tube does the trick and you start feeling stronger very soon. :x::x:


Hello @Wren17 I'm sorry to hear your news. I had CAPOX in 2016 after a stage 3 diagnosis. Clear scan but then mets on scan in May 18. Failed radiotherapy so now am on FOLFIRI + Cetuximab which has shrunk my lung mets and kept my lymph mets static. Just had cycle 7, 5 more then another scan. Good luck.


Hello all thank you for you kind words - im still in hospital and still getting spikes in temperature and they are unsure whether this is because of cancer or if it is down to infection.
Im worried as they seem to be now saying spikes in temp down to cancer and if thats the case where will that leave me because we are supposed to report all temps above 38 and if they say mine down to cancer then do i not report spikes in temp?? How will this affect my chemo?? Ive asked these questions but they cant seem to answer me.
Can i also ask people on FOLFIRI +Cetuiximab have you always been offered cetuiximab because ive been told on second line im not eligible??


Dear @Wren17 . Just to say, thinking of you and hope things can be resolved a bit soon. :x::x::x::x::x:


Dearest @Wren17 , I am sooo v sorry to hear that you’re still in hospital feeling poorly & anxious.
How’s the feeding going? Are u feeling any stronger for it ? Feel sure that can only help.
Can’t help with question about Cetuximab I’m afraid cos I’m K Ras mutant, so wouldn’t work for me unfortunately. Do hope u can get it & it works well for u. Hang on in there; pls never give up hope & know that we are all with u in spirit & rooting for u to get home 🏡 with ur loved ones again soon :x::x::x:


Ive only managed to have one ng feed as ph levels have been high and now ive only gone and vomited it out.


Dear @Wren17 I so very sorry to hear you have been so poorly, and so wish I could suggest something to make you feel better. I just don’t know enough about cancer treatments other than what I had myself. I really do hope and pray that things turn around for you. Sending you lots of love Diane :x::x::x::x:


Dear @Wren17 so sorry to see your still in hospital and feeling so wrotten, I really hope you turn a corner soon, sending you lots of love Sal :x::x::x:


Hope things improve for you @Wren17 . Very best wishes. :x::x:


Oh u poor thing @Wren17; I really feel for u. U don’t need vomiting on top of everything else - yuk.
Truly hope hospital staff can help u to feel much better soon so u can get back home 🏡 with your lovely family.
Thinking of u & sending lots & lots of love 💗 , hugs 🤗 & healing vibes :x::x::x::x:

Bear G

Sending hugs @Wren17 :x::x:



So sorry to hear that things are still so rough for you. Sending you healing thoughts and lots of love, Tiffany :x:


Hi @Wren17

I'm so sorry you're in hospital again and feeling so worried. My heart goes out to you. The nursing and medical staff will be aware of your rise in temperature and treat accordingly I'm sure. It doesn't need to be reported to anyone else. If it's deemed appropriate to start antibiotics I'm certain this will happen....or perhaps you're already on them? Has a full infection screen been done? (swabs, bloods etc?)

With regards to the use of Cetuximab, I think I've heard somewhere that it's not used for second line treatment but perhaps this differs depending on where you live?

I really hope you turn a corner soon.

Sending loads of love

Karen 💚💜❤️💙💛


Still getting spikes in temperature and they haven't got any ideas as to what is causing them. Needless to say im feeling scared as they will not consider chemo until this is resolved and unsure when they will resolve as they dont seem to be doing any investigations. They gave me two lots of iv antibiotics when i came but now as they are unsure of source of infection they are treating me with iv paracetamol. Ph levels have been high so ive had delays in feeds- all in all weak, frightened and losing hope


Oh @Wren17 I am sorry to hear how scared and weak and frightened you are. I am sending you a big hug 🤗 and lots of love 💕❤️ and hope ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thinking of you :x::x::x:


Awwwww @Wren17 really hope you turn a corner soon sending gentle hugs 🤗 your way love Sal :x::x:

greyhound gal

Oh @Wren17, my heart goes out to you. How very scary for you, no wonder you feel frightened. Do you have family and friends visiting you? Is there anyone you can talk to and unload all yours fears? The colorectal nurses or Macmillan?
Keep in contact, so we can support you
Wendy :x::x:


I'm so sorry to read your update @Wren17

What is your oncologist saying? What are the plans for you? It sounds absolutely horrible to be feeling scared and losing hope. If you feel that you need more information and a clear plan, perhaps request a meeting with your oncologist or the consultant in charge of your care in the ward you're in at the moment? Make sure you have someone else with you to listen and take notes too. Keep in touch when you can?

Sending you a huge hug and loads of good wishes



Oh @Wren17 , PLEASE try to remain hopeful, terribly difficult tho that must be when you’re feeling sooo poorly, weak & anxious.
Really hope family & friends have been visiting you. Now u need a plan from the Oncologist, so you know what’s gonna be happening & be able to focus on moving forward.
My heart goes out to u.
Pls keep in touch with all of us & know we are all with u in spirit, thinking of u & sending love 💗, hugs 🤗 & healing vibes :x::x::x:


Dear @Wren17 so sorry - miserable for you. Hang in there. We are all thinking of you. I hope they find out what is causing the infection and that the treatment is effective. Spring will wait for you.
Lots of love and strength