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Lucy Buckley

I did a poo....with an ileostomy this normal? I just did a poo (as in from my bottom) but have had an ileostomy for 5 weeks. Such a bizarre surprise. It wasn't 'normal' (though who of us can remember normal poo anyway!!!) But it was certainly more than "a bit of discharge".

Do i have to ring the nurse??? My mind is can this even happen??

Of course it happened just before an call from hospital about an unexpected appointment following scans i am trying to keep my head together on several fronts!!


Its quite normal @Lucy Buckley Charlie had a few like this while he had his ileostomy :x::x::x:

Lucy Buckley

Ok, thanks @charleyb .....still don't understand but at least i needn't worry


We were told that the rectum still produces secretions and this is what comes out, he had a few at the start and then over the year they slowed down, when he had the radiotherapy there were more movements. He had a lot of phantom movements and would get relief from just sitting for a moment on the toilet. I would have a chat with your stoma nurse next time you see her, but my understanding is that it is normal :x::x:


We were told this is normal as with a loop ileostomy it is possible for some poo to bypass .


My partner had the same thing happen to him a month or so ago @Lucy Buckley and I also posted on here asking. Like @charleyb’s husband, mine also had a few phantom movements.
He’s had his ileostomy since June last year and although he wasn’t worried, I was a bit concerned seeing as his stoma had been in place for 6 months ish. I thought it odd...
I called his stoma nurse who told me it’s completely normal. He also passes wind now and then too which is also apparently normal 🙂


My hubby has an ileostomy too! He was very surprised to have a poo but was confirmed as normal as it's a loop so some gets past it. :x:


@Lucy Buckley I get the sensation of needing to go and sometimes it’s a little painful with stomach cramps. I usually go and sit on the toilet and do a phantom poo, nothing else has come out yet!

After my operation I took myself to the bathroom on a commode (using it as a wheelchair) and had a mighty explosion that I saw rather than felt. It was a good job that was my chosen mode of transport. I had to pull the cord and get a nurse to help clear me up 🙈


@Lucy Buckley, perfectly normal as @charleyb has stated, when we are ready to poo the rectum naturally produces a mucus so it aids it’s release!! However we do not poo 💩 but the mucus is still produced.
As you know I’ve had my ileostomy a while and still have the mucus poos. I may go weeks without one then have a few in a day over a few days, they are normally a light brownish colour if you have more in one day the colour will get lighter.


@Lucy Buckley, sorry also, hope all is well with the scan. :x:

Lucy Buckley

Thanks @Rachel :x: seeing consultant tomorrow so will hear if any change on the scan, but hopefully not.