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Hello, I have just had a bowel cancer operation, just over three weeks ago. I am lucky as my recovery is going well. However, in the last week I have been quite sore and itchy around the wound sites, the op was keyhole. Does anyone have any suggestions of cream that is suitable ? I also have some little red spots around one of the small wounds. Any suggestions welcome.


Good afternoon @cranmercompany and welcome to the forum!

I'm glad you've already had your op and are recovering well. I bet you're glad that's all behind you now! What op did you have?

In general, a healing wound will feel a little itchy and is part of the healing process however, without seeing it, it's difficult to offer advice. You mentioned it's also feeling quite sore over the past week and one of the wounds has little spots around it. In this case, it may be better to have your practice nurse or treatment room nurse cast their eyes over it just to be in the safe side. They are experts on wound care and will be able to give more accurate advice based on their overall assessment.

Please let us know how things go if you can?

Sending lots of love and best wishes



Thanks Karen, I had a right hemicolectomy, it was a stage 2 tumour and it's all gone so no more treatment necessary so I am very lucky.
Must try to see a nurse.
Love, Deborah