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Dizziness and struggling to breathe

Hi All.

bit worried today.

My dad has bowel cancer stage 4 and mets in liver, lung and surrounding lymph nodes. being managed with palliative chemo of irinotican and capcetebine tabs (probably spelt this wrong, sorry). this has been since September last year.

his cycle is fortnightly.

the last cycle he didn't recover well from the chemo, normally 4 or 5 days of tierd and low, then back up a bit. he didn't come back up and had dizzy spell. this time again he is not bouncing back, went dizzy last night and isn't going, isn't hungry or thirsty and feels 'bloated' and is breathless and has red blotches on his abdomen. what could this be?



Morning. So sorry to hear your dad is struggling with his treatment. I am not sure if any of us can answer your question as with cancer and it's treatment everyone reacts differently. I genuinely think if you are worried today you must call 111 at the very least or if he gets worse I'd ring 999. If he has an issue then best to deal with it before it gets any worse and you regret not doing anything.

Let us know what happens. Big hugs. Tiffany :x:


Thanks @Tiffany - we have rung the Cancer Centre he is under and they have asked him to come in for 12 today. he has red blotches now on his abdomen and face too. :(


Best wishes for the appointment. Sending you big hugs @ProudDaughter


So v sorry to hear that your dear Dad is feeling poorly & u r feeling anxious about him (understandably). Do hope hospital is able to help him to feel more comfortable & put ur mind at rest. Pls keep us posted.
Sending love ๐Ÿ’—, hugs ๐Ÿค— & healing vibes :x::x::x:


Howโ€™s ur dear Dad today @ProudDaughter ?
Thinking of u all & sending love ๐Ÿ’— & hugs ๐Ÿค— :x:


Hi everyone. Thankyou all for your kind wishes, you are all wonderful people. So dad is neutropenic with bad chest infection. So was admitted and receiving IF antibiotics which are helping the chest infection and an injection to activate the bone marrow to try and get his system making some neutrophils. Finger crossed this is the magic combination for him and that he can come home soon, but he is in the best place for now. God bless you all. :x::x:

greyhound gal

Great news that heโ€™s receiving treatment @ProudDaughter! Hopefully heโ€™ll be feeling much soon and back at home
Best wishes, Wendy :x::x:


Dear @ProudDaughter. I hope that your Dad soon feels better. Sending love, Gypsyxx


Thinking of you @ProudDaughter and I hope your Dad gets well soon. Love to you Diane :x::x::x::x:


Really hope your dear Dad is beginning to feel a little better :x::x::x:


He is picking up a little now he is home. He is seeing oncologist on Monday and would suspect they may delay his next chemo which is due on Thursday. Thankyou all for your kind wishes and as ever sending hugs and well wishes to you all too. :x:


Welcome home to ur dear Dad; sooo plsd to hear he is feeling a little better. Wishing him all the best with ongoing treatment . V well done ๐Ÿ‘ u guys :x: