Younger people with bowel cancer


Very confused and worried

Hi all was just looking for a bit of advice ? My symptoms started when I was 5 months pregnant with my son who is now 5 months old tomorrow ☺️ At the time I put it down to pregnancy but obviously now he is here now and they haven’t stopped they have actuall got worse. My symptoms are bleeding a lot from my bottom loose stools constantly on the toilet and belly cramps and has pain. The bleeding is basically every time I go the loo which is a lot and some time I don’t even pass stools just blood. My first dr told me IBS I took the tablets for 3 weeks no change so went beck to another dr she was brilliant booked me in for stool test and bloody which I had done. Since that app I have been A&e twice with pain and bleeding first dr fobbed me off second one last night was good got my stool results which come back high 600 and something but bloods normal he said he wants me to have a colopsapy but I need to go through gp which I saw today who said she thinks it’s chrones or something ends but not cancer as I’m too young but referred me as she was confused why stools were high but bloods wasn’t. Now just the waiting game from the hospital to phone and book me in. Like I said very confused 🤷‍♀️ 10 mins after writing this hospital phoned I have to go for consultation Monday wow that was quick :x:


Good luck today :x::x::x:


Hi all I’m home now just had my second cuppa ☺️ So I can honestly say my prep was much better then colonoscopy I asked to be put asleep/drowsy but it didn’t work I felt everything and it wasn’t nice he said it was hurting so much cause I was severely inflamed inside they took loads of biopsies and I felt them all but he said he couldn’t see cancer which was a big relief he gave me a proscription for some tablets where I have to put one inside everyday for 2 weeks he said if they work go back to gp and get some more I asked what if they didn’t he said I will be back in few weeks for results anyway he said he thought it might be proctitis. So yeah it’s so good to me home but hopefully that will be last time I have one of them :x::x:


Thank you all for kind messages ☺️ :x::x:


@tashamoo so glad to hear your colonoscopy showed no signs of cancer. Now you can concentrate on your four boys, your partners girls. Have a great weekend and move forward in great spirits. Lots of 🤗


Thank you @jj :x::x:


Dear @tashamoo. I'm so glad to read this. I never did think that you had bowel cancer and I did my best to say not to think that it was and I hoped that helped a bit.:x::x:


That's all positive news @tashamoo relieved for you. I feel sure the results will confirm this too. Big hug! :x::x:


Phew!!! super happy to read this :x::x::x:


great news, so glad for you. big hugs. cheers john. :x::x::x:


@tashamoo thank goodness no signs of cancer, hope the meds ease things for you hugs :x::x::x:


So glad to read this @tashamoo. I hope the tablets get things sorted for you :x::x:


Aww thank you all ☺️ This forum has been awsome though it helped me a lot :x::x:


Amazing news @tashamoo !

I'm so happy for you!

Lots of love



Whoopee. Great news tashamoo. Have a nice night with the family and breathe again.


Thank you 😊 newby how was yours ? You ok ?


Was good, they found two very small(less than 3mm) sessile polyps which were removed and sent off. Colorectal nurse very positive said if it was bad news somebody else would be talking to me. Polyps very small and no longer there so all is good.


Good news @tashamoo 😊 Such a relief for you. Xx
@newby, I have just commented on your post - good news for you too!
Very glad for you both ⭐️⭐️👍🏻👍🏻


Thanks bettebette, kind words from a kind lady.


So pleased that you have some answers at last @tashamoo and that your problems can be sorted out. :x:


Phew @tashamoo so pleased for you, although your inflammation sounds very painful. Let’s hope they can sort it for you. :x::x: