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One week into treatment - leukocytes in urine?

Hello everyone,

I'm now a week into my radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment and I'm glad to say so far so good, except for a few rough nights and a low day on Wednesday where I was feeling quite nauseous and tired.

At night I've been getting up every hour or so to urinate. When I mentioned this to the radiology nurse she got me to provide a sample which showed lots of leukocytes in my urine. She said it doesn't necessarily show infection and since I had no other symptoms other than urgency she sent me home, and we have to wait for full results to be completed by Monday.

In the meantime through last night it was getting difficult to 'go' and a bit painful just like a UTI, so I got some antibiotics prescribed at my weekly doctor's appointment.

Just wondering if anyone else had the same problems and what was the utcome?

Thanks for reading!

Bear G

Hi @Ninatoo

Sounds like you’ve done all the right things by flagging it to your nurse and doctor. Like you’ve said, you do seem to have all the symptoms of a mild UTI and usually the antibiotics will provide huge relief really quickly, just remember to finish the full course of tablets.

Fingers crossed you’ll get fast relief and get back to a full night sleep.

Big hugs


Thank you @Bear G for your quick response. I had one tablet a few hours ago and fingers crossed it already seems to be a bit better! Sleep is so important at this time isn't it? I did manage to have a good nap when I got home from treatment this morning, but there's nothing like a good night's sleep!