Life beyond bowel cancer


That chuffin........ NHS Pension ...

Hooo....bloody ...aray

After six months of wrangling, arguing and appeals the NHS have decided to give me my pensions on grounds of ill health as a stage 4 cancer patient.

I do apologise for my kvetching and bitching about poor me and that frickin pension thank goodness Macmillan sorted out my appeal and recommend them as a great resource for all cancer patients.

On a positive note I've been to Rome last month, off to Brighton for a week at the end of March and off to Malaga in June. Also, I have managed to run or jog up to 10km and that's something I've not done in the past couple of years.

Keep trucking folks :x::x::x:


Great news at last :x::x:


@GD62 . I am delighted for you as this must have been so stressful and frustrating. Enjoy the holidays! :x::x:


Thanks be to God! I'm really delighted they've seen sense at last! Now go and enjoy spending it!! (lol) :x:


Thank gawd for that @GD1962 . I’m really glad. You deserved it so much :x::x:


Good to hear it has been sorted out at last @GD62. :)


So pleased for you, that's brilliant and well deserved ☺:x::x:


The good news brought tears to my eyes. Brilliant but how bleep bleep bleep horrible that you were put through all that. Go and enjoy yourself!


Fantastic news @GD62 now you can go and enjoy those well deserved holidays love Diane :x::x:

bizzy bea

Great news@GD62. Have fun on your hols now! :x:


That’s good news @GD62 but what an ordeal you need those holidays to recover, well done and enjoy :x::x:

lynn collier

Good for you @GD62 dear bArry a year last week I got half of private pension but all his state pension he didn’t reach widow doesn’t get anything apart from small contribution my first birthday tomw without bArry anyway so pleased for you hugs Lynn :x::x::x::x:

island girl

@GD62 fan ‘dabi’ Dozi, love & hugs 🤗🥰 :x::x::x:


About time too! @GD62 now go and enjoy yourself. You deserve it. :x:


Brilliant @GD62 but what a fight you have had. Go and enjoy now :x::x:

Bear G

Glad you got it sorted @GD62 ! Nowbwgat are you going to do with all your spare time?


Good news @GD62 .
Time to enjoy that retirment now then.


@GD62 fabulous xx sending love .


Great news!! Did u hear about PIP? I've still heard nothing. :x:


Nothing from PIP ...@1234annie :x: