Stage 4 bowel cancer


Ct scan with devastating news

Hi eveyback in January I posted after my operation they put me on 3 months surveillance! Then after nearly 2 months the stupid cancer has returned! I have a mass on my pelvic which is pressing on my bladder! And he said at the back of my stomach they see peritoneal node. A ct scan was done today and the oncologist gave this news. I am devastating as he said this is the most difficult part of this ilness and that they are going to do a PET scan to look and see if peritoneal is involved. They are having MD meeting on Monday and will let me know of my options. Has anyone in this forum has something like this and advise please!


I had peritoneal mets diagnosed Jan 2016 @Sele2017

Chemo worked very well to reduce it and I had successful surgery in March 2017 (Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC) Im still doing well on continuous chemo 😉

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Hi there and so sorry to hear of your reoccurence. If you've searched peritoneal you've probably come across my posts but if not I wanted to tell you my husband had extensive peritoneal mets but is now cancer free. Don't Google or listen to stats. Keep positive :x::x::x:


Thanks@baxter2 and @Tiffany, yes I did read your posts and very encouraging. What I am noticing is a lot of people on Folfiri and cetuxmab or Avastin are having a good responses. I might be wrong! 💜


would just like to wish you massive luck for the future, and sending good vibes all the best, john.


Just to send you lots of love and best wishes @Sele2017 :x::x:


Thank you@bettebette :x::x:


Hi @Sele2017 there’s a lady on another forum having hipec and cyyo for pelvis & Peri mets so even if worse case, there’s always a plan! So sorry and stay strong xxx


@Sele2017 just wanted to send you a hug 🤗 Thinking of you, stay strong :x::x:


Hi a similar thing happened to me at end of adjuvant chemo I got the all clear then 3 months later scans showed liver tumour. Lung tumours and cancer in peritionium in pelvis area. Originally told nothing they could do but then was told I could have 3 ops to remove the cancer so had pelvic op in Dec lung op in Feb and now waiting for liver op. Then back to chemo x it's horrible having to go through this but please dont give up also long as they know what's going on in ur body there hope. They will find the best way to deal with it. Xx sending big hugs :x:


@HH79, @ElaineG and @cara Thank you for your support and knowing that there is a help out there. It is good to know of that there is still options. Thank you all. X❤️💜


Hello @Sele2017, you can get through this. This forum is great for support and encouragement. We're all behind you. "Hugs" Linda :x:


Thank you for ur support @lola14 ❤️


@cara sorry , just wishing you all the best for your liver operation. My brain is all over the place. ❤️


Definitely worth speaking to your oncologist about Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC


@Chelts,thank you for ur support and encouragement.❤️
Hi everyone is cytoteductiveand HIPEC surgery free on nhs?

Quote from @Sele2017:
@Chelts,thank you for ur support and encouragement.❤️
Hi everyone is cytoreductive and HIPEC surgery free on nhs?

Yes it is, but there are only a handful of hospitals in the country that carry out this operation. A number of people have been operated on at Christies and Basingstoke. I had my operation at The Good Hope in Sutton Coldfield


Great to know, thanks.:x::x:


Sending you lots of good vibes for your future trarment 😊 :x::x::x:


Thank you@salgal❤️