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Interesting bit on bbc breakfast this morning

There is a brilliant lady on BBC breakfast at the moment called Deborah. She has stage 4 Bowel cancer with 2 young children. She is examining hospices, how wonderful they are, and all the good work they do . Also all the misconceptions about hospice care. They are saying how much support you get , not just with the end, but all sorts of other support, for patients and relatives . Give it al look. Can’t do the link because it’s on at the moment. This lady also does a podcast which is worth a look. Will probably be on breakfast websites :x::x::x:


Ah, that will be Bowel Babe as she is also known as . She does lots of raising awareness!


Thanks for this @angepange; hope all well with you & your lovely family :x:


Yes @angepange I follow her in Instagram and FB, real inspiration :x::x:


Yes, @angepange , I saw this on lunchtime news. I had read her book. Great lady. She also looks so healthy.
Best wishes


Hi @angepange. Thanks. Unfort there is no hospice in my area for adults which is a real shame so really not sure what options I have other than hospital. :x:


I follow her on Facebook, she is truly amazing ❤


Hello @angepange quite thought provoking to say the least, and I've discussed the end issue as well and will be doing an at home job as my partner is a nurse and experienced in end of life care and he wants me at home. But we have a great local hospice call Trinity Hospice, but I'm hoping it might be a wee while off yet hopefully....hugs :x::x::x:


Hey @GD62 , it will be a long , long while! You have pension to enjoy!!:x::x::x::x: