When bowel cancer returns


Today I found out

So it's been exactly 4 years since my diagnosis and today I found out that my cancer may have returned to my rectum. The ct scan showed a large shadow and a spot on my lung. Can't believe it and absolutely gutted. They haven't said for sure but they said it's most likely to be. I have an examination tomorrow, mri Friday and pet scan next week :( :x::x::x:


all the best with the scans, and hope everything goes your way, best of luck john.


Hi @Drummercraig so sorry to hear your recent update. It’s so hard to get your head around a recurrence but as Bear has said, it’s good that they have found out what is going on so that they can start treatment for you. We are all here to support you, love D :x::x::x:


Hi @Drummercraig , I have everything crossed for you, and praying this is a blip and nothing more sinister. Please report back when you feel able to. Love Angie :x::x:


@Drummercraig Sorry to read this after so long. Best wishes for scans and any treatment that may be needed.


Thank you so much for all your positivity! I love this forum and everyone using it :) I'll keep you posted :x::x:


@Drummercraig , I am sorry to read your post, you get to 4 years and you the finish line is in sight!!! Good to see that they are getting on it really quickly. Good luck with your tests and I'll be thinking of you. I've got my four year CEA early May. Best wishes :x::x::x:

Polly 1

So sorry to hear your update @Drummercraig but good to hear your team are on the case with MRI etc all the best :x::x:


How frustrating @Drummercraig , sending you lots more positivity.
Hope you get some explanations very soon.


Thinking of you @Drummercraig. I am so sorry for this. Love Gypsyx


Not great news @Drummercraig hope all goes well with your scans. Thinking of you, all the best.


Hi @Drummercraig I’m sorry to read your update. Wishing you all the best for your scans :x::x::x:

Lady B

So sorry to read your update @Drummercraig, good luck with your scans :x::x:


I am so sorry to see this, like @Bear G said lots of people get though recurrance and come out the other side fighting. You will too! :x: :x:


Hi @Drummercraig I'm sorry to read your news. I had a recurrence in August, three years after my initial diagnosis.

Like you I was gutted and stunned but as others have said there are lots of options out there.

My recurrence was on the outside of my bowel and one spot on my liver. I've just completed six months of chemo, and my plan is now for two operations (pelvis and liver) which I am told should be curative 🙂

Good luck for your MRI tomorrow and pet scan too, Cat :x::x:


Hi @Drummercraig - sorry to hear your news. I’m also dealing with a recurrance at the moment - 2 spots in each lung. I’ve just had VATs on my left and waiting for ablation to my right. If you do have VATs then it’s a relatively simple op and I recovered very quickly (released within 24hours/very little pain). Best of luck. Remember there are lots of options out there for us. It’s sometimes hard to keep positive but I take heart from all the amazing success stories on this forum :x::x:


So very sorry to read this @Drummercraig , i will have everything crossed there is a good plan of action following the MDT :x::x::x:


I'm so sorry to read this news @Drummercraig. It really is devastating to hear but I'm sure once the full picture emerges, you'll have a good clear plan of action sorted!

Sending loads of good wishes



So sorry to hear this news @Drummercraig. Wishing you lots of luck with your scans and I’m sure your team will get a good plan of action for you ASAP. Love and positivity Diane :x::x::x::x::x:

terri m

Hi @Drummercraig .. So sorry to hear this news, after 4 years. It may not be has bad has your mind is thinking, & whatever the outcome , I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.. :x::x:


Hi @Drummercraig. I’m sorry to hear your news. I know what a blow it is when you get so far into remission. Good luck with your scans and let us know how you get on :x::x::x::x: