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Colonoscopy tomorrow

Hi All,

Have been reading through the stories and threads on here pretty much all day and anybody (with or without bowel cancer) can take true inspiration from the kindness and courage expressed by all of you.

Myself, I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and I am just in the process of taking the bowel preparation now (it has not kicked in yet). I have been feeling pretty terrible since Christmas (lack of appetite, weight loss, rectal pain) and I am pretty sure the colonoscopy is going to show something. Despite this, I think hearing the words tomorrow is going to knock me for six. I just cannot stop thinking about my wife and beautiful daughters and how it is going to effect them. Many people in the threads have mentioned this, but I just cannot bare the thought of not seeing them growing up and taking them down the isle (but I guess these thoughts are normal?).

My dad died of bowel cancer at 67 (just after retirement - worst luck) and then my mum with breast cancer at 69 and they both went pretty slowly. It is a horrible disease - but I guess we all have a connection with it at some point in our lives.

It feels like the treatment is starting to kick in - anyway nice to meet you all and it feels like I know some of you already.


Dear All,

Slept for about 3 hours last night and then had another vile concoction of moviprep at 6 in the morning. Then spent all morning worrying.

My wife and I set off to the hospital about 10:30 for a 12:00 appointment. They took me straight up to the procedure area and did the admin and then told me I was the first one on the list today, but had to wait until 2:00 - the longest 2 hours of my life watching my wife marking exam papers and bargain hunt on the TV in the waiting room - not great distractions!

When I was finally called into the operating room, I was surprised to see 6 people in there, all with specific jobs. One of them held my hand throughout the entire thing and that really helped. I heard them all talking during the procedure, but because of the sedative I was not sure what they were saying.

I thought I heard one of them say it was clear, but I was not sure. Eventually the consultant came to me and said it was clear with some small internal piles. He also took some biopsies of the lining of my bowel, because I seem to have a very 'sensitive' bowel, and he wanted to test for collitus. To be honest, I still cannot believe it was clear. It just has not sunk in and after months of worrying and torment, nothing seems real at the moment.

I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support, last night and this morning. You are an amazing bunch of people and I want to carry on contributing to the forum and just checking how people are.

As a side story, my wife's uncle was diagnosed with bowel cancer today - they found a large mass in a scan. I would have liked to direct him to this site for support, but he had a stroke 15 years ago and I am pretty sure he cannot use a computer.

Now hoping that @newby has similar news on Saturday - I wish you well for your scope tests on Saturday and I will check on here to see how it goes. Also, thank you for your advice on sleeping last night @newby, the cup of camomile tea helped and I slept well for the first half of the night.

My thanks again for all the support you given me over the last 24 hours - you are all amazing.

Love and best wishes,

Stuart :x::x:

Colin Oscar Pea

Whoooo Hoooooooo....!
..You lucky devil. Congratulations!


V well done 👍 u @Stuart !
Thrilled 4 u n ur family; wish u all the v best :x:


That’s great news.. what a relief.


Fantastic news @Stuart! :x::x::x::x:

Quote from @emsie:
That’s great news.. what a relief.

Thank you Emsie. How are you doing? Do you have a date for the colonoscopy yet? :x:


I think a glass of wine should replace the camomile tea Tonight Stuart. Delighted for you. You can breathe again.


Excellent @Stuart! What good news. Very best wishes to you :x::x:


That’s great news @Stuart :x::x:


Brilliant news @Stuart so pleased for you :x::x:


No not yet ☹️ I’m trying to not fret but I’m anxious.. been reading up on the procedure tonight.

Quote from @Stuart:
Thank you Emsie. How are you doing? Do you have a date for the colonoscopy yet?


The best news @Stuart. So happy for you. Sleep well tonight :x::x:


Brilliant news @Stuart ! 😄:x:


Hello @Stuart, happy for you and your family. I can imagine this fear will have changed how you feel about things. Take care and enjoy life. Linda :x:


Morning @Stuart so please your colonoscopy was clear. What an amazing relief for you and your family. Love Diane :x::x::x:


Great news @Stuart. Very happy that you don't have bowel cancer and can get on with your life. Love Gypsyx


So pleased for you @Stuart.
Hope you can get your colitis symptoms sorted out, glad we were all able to support you on your journey. :x::x:


Good luck, all the best for the future,. Cheers. John.


Great news @Stuart .