Life beyond bowel cancer


7th Year ALL CLEAR

Popping back in hopefully with news which will encourage, of my 7th year since my low anterior resection to remove my T3N1M0 tumour.
Sorry I have not hung around here much in recent years but I have tried to pop back in once in a while.
I do try to chip in but I have been distracted by my new "normal" life beyond bowel cancer.

My previous threads relating to my last scans and consultation and the major 2 year milestone below, for any who might wish to check on my history.
Of course, I have tried to create a summary of all my treatments in my profile {click on my Forum Name to view that}

5th Year "All Clear"

2nd Year "All Clear"

All my very best to you all!
Just me, Dan


Well done carry on the good work

George :x::x:


Great news @Dan-888, I remember you were so helpful to me when when I was diagnosed in April 2016. You are a great inspiration to all of us on the forum - long may this continue - Best wishes Ron


Thank you so much @Freckles50 @KatieR @EssexDan @george1960 @palace1960 !
I just remember getting a bit self concious that I was pratting on a bit too much without realising that I was actually being of some help!
So thank you for letting me know!
And which also confirms to others who post, that its is a very important part of the support we depend on,during this challenging time of our lives.

p/s I've got a bit lazy over Christmas and New Year and can't believe how out of condition I've become, getting out of breath just on a brisk walk!
Found myself a good circuit with steeper slopes up and down roads and within a local park. I would zig zag up and down the steepest slopes, pushing myself to keep on plodding, just over 5 km, 3 miles.
I think I frightened off all living creatures with my loud wheezing! Except the dogs, who I'm sure, were laughing at me! :D
At first, I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. And my right hamstring was really getting sore. And I had to have a day or two of rest.
But it was only a couple of weeks later that I was able to complete the whole circuit without stopping once. And best of all, my hamstring is fine now.
All I have to do now is not eat so much ...


Amazing @Dan-888 well done your an inspiration especially to me as i had the same diagnosis and treatments (lower) as you have. Its great to hear such positive news. πŸ˜˜πŸ’™

terri m
Quote from @Dan-888:
Thank you so much, Terri! I guess we won't know we've had a high point if we've never had a low moment. But I have been very lucky in having had more highs than lows!
Or maybe I'm just a natural born idiot!
Hope you are also well and looking forward to spring!

Hi @Dan-888 just wondered, what cancer staging were you, had readibg your profile it appeared to be stage 2 ?! Am I wrong? Anyway stll amazing😘😘


Thank you @lilmil !
Had a quick peep at your profile; hopefully you'll have an even better outcome as you'd reacted much better to your Radio-Chemo treatments than I did. Well done for having the courage to go for surgery as well.
I kept feeling I shouldn't bother anyone with the inevitable fears of recurrence as well as the bumps and ruts on the recovery road. But everytime I happened to mention anything I was always pushed and received a welcome when I finally did approach my clinical team.
So don't be shy, everyone. Far better to ask.
All the best.


Hi @terri m !
I've always been a bit unsure about staging as that was never a term used by my clinical team, so I always had to look it up;

I did have a couple of nodes which were involved before my Radio-Chemo treatment for 5-6 weeks. But after that my surgery did not manage to "harvest" any nodes which had any cancerous cells.
My consultant oncologist believed there was likely to have been cancerous cells trapped by my 2 nodes and wanted me to have 6 months of chemo therapy, which is more standard for Stage 3.
I tried to argue that as I had no nodes involved at surgery, I was more a Stage 2 and didn't need the chemo and wanted my stoma reversed a.s.a.p. instead.
I managed to get a 2nd opinion from a well published consultant who was able to spend more time explaining the basis for the value judgements.
Which meant that I really ought to have the 6 month chemo. As a Stage 3.
And there was only one consultant in the whole of the UK who might, just might, think that I could avoid the chemo therapy safely!
That told me!


Great to see your doing well @Dan-888

Tony M


thank you v much as well @tonym !
Hope things stay good for you (& all of us) too.
Sorry I haven't managed to pop by as often as I ought to.


No need to apologise to anyone @Dan-888 , celebrate and live your life as you see fit, you deserve it mate :x:


Lovely lovely news @Dan-888, well done 7 years clear and here's to the next 7 :x::x::x:


Thank you @tonym ! I seem to have gone AWOL again!
Much appreciated, @Michele !


Hi @Dan-888 I will always remember the advice, help and hope you have me . Such wonderful uplifting news 7 years !!!! πŸ€— Lots of love Xxx annie :x::x::x:


So sorry for my very belated response, @annie50C !!!
I'd suffered a mutinying laptop and lost my login! Then, have been out and about for a bit of wander / walk about (pics to follow).
Hope you are doing well now?


Fab news @Dan-888 , hope always gratefully received ❀️❀️❀️❀️


Brilliant news @Dan-888, Kim :x::x:


Absolutely amazing!! Great to hear this.:x::x:


Amazing fabulous @Dan-888 xxx Annie :x::x::x:


So good to hear this. It’s important to post the positive news for those of us still working our way through.


Thank you for your words of encouragement, @sweetcheeks @Lirio345 Kim, @annie50C @Calleyh !
And especially for @ tagging me, as I'm not so good at dropping in, as I ought to.
But always wishing you many good days and fortitude during the shitty ones.
And as at least as good as this fool here has been blessed with.
Just me, Dan :x::x::x: