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Hi, for the last 9 weeks I have been passing lots of blood and mucas. My tummy is bloated and uncomfortable, I go toilet roughly 10 times a day 30% will be a mucas bloody stall and the other 70% being gas, mucas bloody water. It’s now got to the stage where it wakes me in the night and I have to run to the toilet. My stalls are sometimes like pellets that seem to fly out of me with force and sometimes Diarrhea but always there is blood, usually bright red but occasionally darker clots. I’ve got a appointment for this Thursday for a sigmoidoscopy and had a lot of blood tests done which I’ve not heard back from. I’m so scared I have cancer and I’m dreading the camera as I’m very shy. Am I being silly as I’m not sleeping much either. On a plus I’ve not lost any weight. Thanks for reading :x:


Hi @matt1978 sounds like you have been having a rough time. Hopefully the doctors can discover the cause of your symptoms on Thursday. There are many things other than cancer that could cause your symptoms. I wish you all the best for your appointment.


@matt1978, it is natural to be scared and to lose sleep although it is totally horrible going through that anxiety. If you can't stand it, make an appointment with your GP as there are meds that can help. Here's hoping that this is nothing bad and you know, it may well not be- there are causes other than cancer- but it is good that you are being checked out. Please don't feel embarrassed. The staff at the hospital do this procedure all the time and all they will want is for it to be as comfortable as possible for you. No one likes these things but needs must to get the answers that are needed. We will be thinking of you and hoping that you will come back to us and tell us the findings and we will be here for you come what may.
Chin up, you can do this! Gypsyxxxx


Hi @matt1978
Yes, you have done the right thing to get this sorted out. Please don't worry about the proceedure.'s just routine for the hospital professionals.
Hope you get some reassurance and treatment very soon, but don't assume the worst.....your symptoms suggest all sorts of things other than cancer.

Do let us know how you get on. :x:


Thank you all for your supportive words, I do know it could be something that is easily fixed but I always think the worst. I do feel a bit more positive now after reading your comments and other peoples story’s. I’ll keep you all updated when I know more. Many thanks again

island girl

@matt1978 good luck for Thursday, as already been said please don’t be embarrassed, don’t worry about the procedure, all the staff are there to make you as comfortable as possible. You will feel much better once you have answers. Hugs 🤗 :x::x:


Hi @matt1978 welcome to our forum, and I’m pleased that you are already feeling a bit calmer having had replies from some of our members. The first steps you take to get checked out are always scary, so please don’t think you should be feeling any different, but I’m so pleased you have decided to seek medical advice. Most people think the worst, but as others have said it can be a number of things other than cancer. We will all be keeping everything crossed for you, and try not to worry about having the scope, these things always seem worse than they are. Best of luck Diane :x::x::x::x:


Morning friends, so this moviprep is horrible. Struggling to get this mornings down me without vomiting it back up. Managed to take the 1st lot last night at 7 o’clock and was still on the toilet at 3.00am (seem’s along while). My appointment is at 1.30pm today so getting very anxious now. Just want it over with !
Fingers crossed it’s good news. Anyway I hope you all have a good day, I’ll post later on how it went.


Just keep sipping the Moviprep @matt1978 the cleaner (emptier) the bowel the better the view!
Good luck for later, I really think the prep is the worst bit 🤞


I was scared too, but everyone was so nice and friendly. I asked for something to relax me and they put something in via a catheter in my hand. I’d never used gas and air before but found that fine and all in all it was a lot better than expected. The waiting this morning will no doubt be difficult. I’ve just discovered online jigsaws. Hours of entertainment! Good luck. We’re all here for you.


Thinking of u & sending love & hugs. All the best - all be over soon :x:


Thinking of you @matt1978
The Moviprep is the worst bit of the day! :x:


Best wishes for today @matt1978 :x::x:


All the best for today, everything crossed for you, John.


Hi, @matt1978 Stay strong, you got this!
I hope that today goes well. As has been previously said your symptoms could indicate many bowel condotions and sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and overthink stuff! We’re with you all the way though! 😉🤞


Hope all goes well today.. :x::x:


Hi folks, thanks for all your support and reassurance. So after the sigmoidoscopy today I feel a little frustrated and confused. The doctor says there’s no polyps or anything he can see to worry about just inflammation and blood, he’s took biopsy’s from random areas for testing but that’s it. So what happens now ?? Can I rule out cancer if there’s no visual signs ? And what else could it be. All my bloods have came back satisfactory, wouldn’t IBS etc show up on blood tests? Or give an idea. It’s so frustrating that I now have to wait for biopsy results when I dare not leave the house in case I have a accident. Sorry for the rant I’m just fed up and need to get some kind of life back.


Hi @matt1978 it is frustrating but it seems you will have to wait for the biopsy results, although it sounds positive that they said they didn’t see anything to worry about.
I don’t believe IBS shows on blood tests. There are other bowel problems that have similar symptoms. If you are cancer free then I imagine you will be referred to another gastrointestinal specialist to sort your problems.
We all feel frustrated when illness happens, however you shouldn’t have long to wait now and fingers crossed you will have a good outcome.


Hi @matt1978

It seems like this is good news! I agree with @bettebette above and unfortunately you'll just have to be a patient patient until the biopsy results come back. You can politely chase up with a phone call in the next week or so I'm sure. I hope you get the definitive answers to your concerns and it's all pretty positive.....certainly sounds like it is!

Lots of love