Life with bowel cancer


Spoke too soon ☹️

Last week we celebrated our first full week of absolutely NO appointments with any medical people by going away in the Motorhome to Burrs Country Park just outside Bury
We had only been there 24 hrs when our ColoRectal Nurse rang .....
and said that Johns CEA Had gone up to 30 and could we go for a CT scan the next day at 08:10 I managed to persuade her to make it 11:30 as we definitely do not do anything at 08:10 except maybe go for a wee !
So now we are home Really fed up that our All Clear announcement was perhaps a little premature
The nurse said it was just a precaution and not to worry ...but it’s impossible not to feel anxious
Even though 30 is not very high and the CEA test is not very accurate anyway ...blah blah blah ! !
So I feel like we are back to square one ...completely in limbo till we hear the results
I think they will do the usual rigmarole of ...its not clear we need to do an MRI ...
SO We wait for that appointment go for the MRI ...Wait for the results..
Then get sent for the PET Scan ! ! etc etc
Lets just keep our fingers crossed that its nothing to worry about
Bl@@dy Scanxiety will we ever be rid of it !
Cath :x::x:

terri m

Sorry to hear about johns reocurrance @KatieR .. Sending you my thoughts. Bloody cancer!!! Love & hugs :x::x::x:


So sorry to hear of your latest setback @KatieR. Sending love and hugs to you both ❤️❤️


Thanks everyone your love and support is very much appreciated..
We now have to wait for the Oncologist to get in touch with the Chemotherapy schedule
What Joy 😳
Cath :x::x:


@KatieR. So sorry to hear the latest news. Hope you don't have too long to wait before his treatment starts. Best wishes :x::x:

Quote from @Lexi:
@KatieR There is not a lot I can say, except it is gutting when you here this, we have had the same situation except 6 metastasis in the liver and nodules in both lungs I have began to look at our cancer journey as a treatment for a Long term illness. Sending you lots of hugs

Sorry to hear about this. It's one thing after another. I'm waiting again to find out if I have lung cancer (They not told me this bit yet) I got told in my last scan that they have found two lung nodules. Not sure what to think about this and waiting since January to Middle of May to find out if so, or not so. I hope the treatment goes well and we can all beat this dilemma. I'm praying for you and myself of course and I'm hoping that I don't have a secondary cancer. We all stick together :x:


Huge hugs lovely, words cannot Express how angry I feel on your behalf. Xxxx chin up :x::x:


Dear Cath and sorry to read your update... I can only imagine how deflated you must be feeling right now.... but the 2 of you are so strong... you work together so well.... you have got this, we know how effective the treatments can be from our fellow forumites.... hoping your oncologist is ready to work some magic.
love and hugs to you both❤️💪🏻❤️💪🏻


Fi ngers crossed so hard for's truly awful waiting for news and new info....hope everything gets going quickly. Also. @Afraidboy that's a dreadfully long time between appointments for you ..gosh. .hoping the news will be better than you think. Love to all :x::x:


Hi @KatieR so sorry to hear your news. Nothing I can say will change it but, as you told me about a year ago, there is a whole family here rooting for you and John. I know from your previous posts that you are strong and, although you may have numerous wobbles which are allowed, the strength and love of your family will help you get through this. Don’t forget to look after yourself as in your determination to be strong for John you can put your own needs to one side. Love and best wishes Caroline :x::x::x:


We have seen the Oncologist John needs to start Chemo asap but there is a waiting list to get the PICC Line in..After much complaining we have an appointment on May 1st at 9am
Hoping for a cancellation
Weve had a lovely long weekend at a caravan rally in Lytham ..Plenty of crushed grape juice and cocoa bean infused milk solids and a bit too much sun
Lots of the family came over on Friday plus the grandpuppy who is now a big boy and rather bossy We had a big jacobs join picnic and played silly games
Then a few close friends came over on Sunday and we went to the local Hungry Horse and us girls drank far too many great big pink gins with fancy tonic and sliced strawberries I vaguely remember having something to eat !
Roll on next Wednesday lets get on with it
Cath :x::x:


Oh bugger! So sorry to see this Cath. My best wishes to you both. :x::x:


oh so sorry to hear this news, sending good vibes for cancellation. glad you had a good time at caravan rally in lytham, my good lady and i could have gatecrashed the party we are only five miles away, anyway wishing john and yourself all the best for the future, cheers john. xx.


Fingers crossed for you


Hope you get things sorted soon @KatieR .Glad you are managing to keep busy and enjoy yourself. I know how hard this is when you have worries. I am always so impressed by your supportive comments to others. Very best wishes to you and John. :x::x:


Best wishes to you and John @KatieR
Sorry you are having such a wait. Sending you lots of positive vibes :x::x::x:



Hi Cath,

Sounds like you've had a great weekend you two! Roll on the 1st of May so you can get this bloomin cancer under control once again!! Sending love and very best wishes to you both!



Good to hear you managed to squeeze in a lovely weekend away before treatment starts @KatieR. Best wishes to you both :x::x:


Thanks everyone Love to you all ❣️
Cath :x::x:


Hugs @KatieR
Glad you both had a good weekend. One day at a time.
Will keep both of you in prayers.

greyhound gal

It sounds like a lovely weekend @KatieR ! Really good that John and you had such a good time. Fingers crossed for a cancellation so the Picc line goes in sooner, onwards and upwards :x::x::x: