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My dad battled with bowel cancer for almost four years, unfortunately we lost him in October 2018. I’ve been doing fundraising over the past 3 years in the hope other families don’t have to go through the same journey we have. I know find myself struggling with his loss and just looking for a little support


I am so sorry that you lost your dear Dad to bowel cancer @Marianne. It is wonderful that you have been fund raising and hope that you find some comfort in that. Perhaps it would be helpful to seek some bereavement counselling to help you at this time. Maybe go to your GP and ask about it?
Love Gypsyxxx


Hello @Marianne and welcome to the forum.

I too am sorry to learn of your dads passing and I'm sure he was so proud of all your fundraising on behalf of the charity. I tend to agree with @Gypsy who has suggested your GP may be able to offer appropriate bereavement counselling. Do you have a Maggies Centre near you? They offer drop in support as well as group and 1:1 bereavement counselling which you may find useful. I believe they also have Maggies online too.

Sending lots of love, best wishes and thanks



Lovely to meet you @Marianne
I'm so sorry to read about your dad, do ask for any support here. And i know that Bowel Cancer UK will be so grateful for any fund raising and publicity you can achieve.
Best wishes :x:


Sooo v sorry for ur loss @Marianne . A warm welcome to our Forum.
Don’t know where u r in the country, but Cruise also offer bereavement counselling at home; I found it invaluable after I lost my daughter & Mum. Hope u can find something to help & support u. Sending love 💗 & hugs 🤗 :x::x::x:


Thank you all for the messages. I was having a difficult week with it being my dad’s birthday, it was the first without him. I’m feeling much better. Grief hits in waves and sometimes it’s good to just talk about him ❤️