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The waiting is painful...

Hi everyone,

Im a 31 year old female with a 12 week old little boy.

I have been having symptoms since feb 2017 including constipation and some loose stools, mucus (particularly with a harder poo) gas (mainly burping constantly) and a pain under my ribs on the left side. Ive also had one episode of bleeding in september 2018 that lasted about 4 days (when going for a poo). Initially i had lots of acid reflux too although thats been gone about a year.

Ive been to the dr numorous times and had blood test and pelvic ultra sound (as i was having pain low down initally). Ive been to a gastro who wasnt worried about the pain and attibuted that to something else.

Finally i was refered for a consultation with the colon team and i am now awaiting a date for a colonoscopy. In the mean time i am now getting pain in my right and shoulder and am scared it has already spread to my liver.

Im not expecting any advice but just wanted to say hello



Hello @missed congratulations on having your liitle boy 😊❤️
I am sorry that you are having all this worry, I have no doubt that you know there are lots of other ailments that can cause the problems you mention, so fingers crossed that the colonoscopy will be soon and will resolve your concerns. :x::x:


@bettebette thank you for your reply. The consultant said he wasnt concerned but of course I know he cannot say for sure without a look!

He put me through for a routine colonoscopy and when i asked his secetary for an approx date (as it had been 3 weeks since consulatation) she said urgent ones were 4/6 weeks as they were so busy! She said i should get a date by middle of april for end of april :x:


@missed hi new mummy and then dealing with waiting for colonoscopy as@bettebette says symptoms can be due to lots of things and having babies puts our bodies through the mill bless them try to enjoy your new addition lots of support your way :x::x:


@missed i am so sorry that you find yourself here, and with such a young baby!! But the others are right, your symptoms could be a lot of things, and as scary as they are it does not always mean the worst outcome. There have been a few people come on this forum, with similar to yourself and ended up with a positive outcome. The good thing is you are in the system now, and you are getting it all checked out. Please let us know how you get on :x::x::x:

island girl

@missed, aww bless you, you should be enjoying this precious time with baby, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome, lots love & big supportive hug 🤗 :x::x::x:


@charleyb @island girl

Thank you both for your replies. I will make sure i keep people updated :x::x: