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Sorry not to be here but Stress got the better of me!

Yea Hi guys. I didn't realise then but three years ago I had a frozen shoulder (Anne was having her liver met op then). The recently my shoulder has frozen again (Anne was going through examinations for possible spread). I didn't see the connection!! Also, the quack thinks my blood pressure is raised. The last time it was raised was when going through my divorce 25 years ago!! There seems to be a connection with stress.
So, my message seems that stress isn't good and can directly affect the health. (If anyone whats to know what a frozen should is like = its very very painful!!)
love to everyone on here : I know your journey and I pray for you all


Lovely to hear from you @Hans. I've missed your gentle comments.
I think it's true - when we're carrying 'too much on our shoulders' they collapse.
Hope your out of pain now and Anne's results good.
Love and best wishes Christine :x::x:


Nice to see you back and posting @Hans

I hope you and Anne are feeling a little better?

Sending love and best wishes to you both



Hi @Hans I agree stress is dreadful for the body, I thought I was coping but my body is telling me otherwise. Being investigated for heart issues as have developed extra beats, I often feel exhausted. I really don’t know how my elderly mum, aunt and partner would cope without me. Take care :x::x:


I think " frozen shoulder" is often mis-diagnosed. Shoulder pain often originates from wear and tear of the cervical [ neck ] vertebrae nipping the cervical nerves that supply the arm and shoulder. If its this -- then it can be alleviated by manual traction/manipulation from a skilled physiotherapist [ often sports physios are good for this type of injury] by keeping your neck warm, and by wearing a surgical support collar especially when sleeping.


Thank you dear friends, @GROBER @angelj @Baxter2 and dear @Christine - and thank you for that connection of carrying a burden. Yes, of course; that is it! I am off to see the physio on wednesday. Yes, @angelj we have been getting so tired and exhausted. Funny thing is that for the first time we argue - and its over silly things! So its stress and all I could offer is a ring of peace around us all as we all quietly suffer. Let us all lift our hearts to hear the birds that sing so strongly this spring.
Anne is in remission - we had a dreadful scare when they found the womb had thickened - but after loads of tests : they found that is wasn't thickened at all. I sing praises for our NHS. The whole journey of unknowing has taken its toll - it will take quite a while to regain our balance.
Take care everyone Hans :x::x::x::x:


Hello lovely @Hans, so sorry you have been dealing with Anne’s scare, and it really is scary, completely knocks you over, but I’m so pleased that everything is ok. I had frozen shoulder a few years ago and can still remember the pain. I got stuck in a multi storey car park, because I put my window down to take out the ticket, and the pain was so severe I couldn’t move. I eventually got rid of it with massage using Tiger Balm. I went to a therapist who was excellent. It takes a long time to go. Sending you and Anne lots of love, and hope your shoulder starts to improve :x::x::x::x::x:


Really good to hear from you @Hans I occasionally get what I fondly call my Stressy Neck Its like if I have too much stress in my life my neck locks I cant move my head and it is very painful
I have to lie flat on the bed and try and relax for as long a possible and as I relax it just unlocks but sometimes it can take days to work I suppose if we acknowledge that we are over stressed and allow ourselves a little time to de stress then the status quo is rebalanced
All the best to you both
Cath :x::x:


@DianeS and @KatieR awe shucks - yea. Thank you for your lovely wishes. thank you for your support. I decided to destress and follow Qi Gong movements every morning - Anne thinks its a laugh!! Followed by cuddles and then more cuddles!! Sadly I am allergic to Tiger Balm which did work.
Have a lovely day
From now on our troubles will be far away
Thank you faithful friends


Hi @Hans , I feel your pain, something I have suffered with on and off for many years!!!
Both shoulder and stress !
But oh my days frozen shoulder is so painful!!
I have started yoga to try and relieve both triggers,
Hope Anne is doing ok.
Lots of love


Oh @sweetcheeks I am sorry to hear about pain. I just wonder how common it is among us. I will be praying for you today as - yea it is a touch painful!! Its lovely to hear from you all - it gives me such peace.
Anne is emotionally struggling but actually is in remission.
Hans xxxx
I give you a Rose today sweetcheaks my your pain go away


Hi @Hans Lovely to hear from you but sorry you are struggling.

Yes, I am sure that stress causes us all sorts of physical pain. ....I always get back ache the day I go on holiday, should be a happy time but I am always worried about the packing or the journey.

I have a bad shoulder so you have all my sympathy. It started as a frozen shoulder years ago but has been intermittently painful ever since. I finally saw a physio who diagnosed a damaged rotator cuff. His massages and exercises have helped a lot but I still need paracetamol and ibuprofen gel regularly. Hope you get sorted soon......don't forget to look after your own health, you are no use to Anne if you ignore your problems.

Best wishes to you both :x::x:


@Lizalou awe thank you. When Anne got her cancer diagnosis six years ago I decided I wanted to be the best carer for her in this life changing experience. She has always supported me and our love is very strong. Here was my chance to support her! We are a team!!
With that I put her first always and never went to the doctor. Many thursdays I was sat there in the chemo room watching her get tired and struggling, but I warmed her and helped every way.
Now she is clear of cancer instead of being easier - it seems harder. But with my shoulder helped - maybe I will sleep well and I can support her the more as we tiptoe away from Bowel Cancer.


Hello @Hans I am sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather, but glad to read that things are looking better.
Good news that Anne was given the all clear again.
It’s very difficult to take on board the difficulties of the people around us and those who care for us sometimes, and their load is a heavy one too.
Sending wishes that you will start to find your load becoming lighter from now on as you (in your lovely words) tiptoe away from bowel cancer :x::x::x:


@bettebette thank you for your kind words = I wish you a lovely day as I do everyone here - you are such all lovely people