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Pixie O

Post op CT Scan results

I saw my Oncologist last Friday after CT scan. Good news was that liver and lungs are clear. Other news was that a 2 cm nodule has shown up on my right iliac fossa. To be discussed at a MDT meeting. Wondering if anyone has had similar? I'm doing my best not to worry/Google.


Hi @Pixie O
No, I've no experience, but I am sure the specialists will know! It's great that everywhere else is clear and it sounds as if the nodule could be anything. Perhaps they will do more scans? But the main thing is that it has been identified early.

Hope you get some answers soon. :x::x:


Oh dear @Pixie O

I'm sorry and happy to read this! I don't have experience of it but I'm thinking it may be easer to clear one small area.....if it is indeed a met? As @Lizalou says, it could be anything! I guess you're back to the waiting game, urgh! Try to keep busy and distracted until it's MDT time!

Please let is know how you get on if you can!

Lots of love


island girl

@Pixie O , oh so sorry, it never ends does it. Keeping fingers & toes crossed for you. Love & hugs ๐Ÿค— :x::x::x:


Good news about the liver and lungs @Pixie O. Fingers crossed that the nodule is nothing more than that. :x::x:

Pixie O

Thanks peeps, I'll keep you posted.


Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way lovely. @Pixie O ๐Ÿค—โค๐Ÿ’™

Pixie O

Just realised I didn't keep anyone posted, sorry if you've been waiting with baited breath! I'm to be rescanned in October which is a year since op. So no one seems too concerned so I'm trying not to be either. I'm hoping to get to the info day at the Surgeons Quarter in Edinburgh. Anyone else going?