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Urgent colonoscopy

Hi every one can anyone tell me who decides if your colonoscopy is urgent referral or routine? I went to my gp around 10days ago as I had bleeding and stomache cramps she examined me and got bloods done and told me I would be referred on to the hospital. I then recived a letter from hospital with a fone NUMBER to fone for appointment for a colonoscopy when l foned the lady informed me I was noted down for an urgent colonoscopy and this would have only happened if they had seen something in the stool sample I had handed in so i was then given an appointment for 3weeks for the colonoscopy. After the call l foned reception at my gp surgery who told me my blood tests were clear and that the stool sample takes longer for the result to come back to the GP surgery. I'm now wondering is it my gp referral letter that would ask for urgent referral or is the lady who gave me the colonoscopy appointment correct she said I have worked here a long time and only time you get an urgent appointment is if they see something in your stool sample so I'm kinda worried now thanks in advance Jim.i live in scotland.

Bear G

Hi @jim31237
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I’m sorry you have these symptoms. It sounds likely your gp asked for an urgent colonoscopy as you have some bleeding evident. That was the case for me.
Please remember that your symptoms could relate to a number of possible issues, only one of which is cancer.
The colonoscopy is the best test and should give you a clear answer to what’s going on.
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Thanks very much for reply and reassurance.ive been reading through some posts and there is lots of very brave people on the forum and I wish them all the best kind regards jim.



I was admitted to hospital as an emergency in severe abdominal pain. I passed a lot of blood whilst an inpatient. However I was seen as non-urgent and waited 9 weeks for a colonoscopy which was at a private clinic. This turned out to be a huge mistake as NHS patients have to re-enter the NHS after attending a private clinic and so surgery was delayed. I was very thin and weak by the end of the 9 weeks. It was cancer despite the gastroenteroligist's conviction that it wasn't. And despite my having informed him that my father had had colon cancer.

I really wish I'd had an earlier colonoscopy because, whatever the result, it's far better to know the outcome. Hope all goes well with you.


Hi @jim31237. I’m in England but when I was referred the doctor filled in a sort of ticklist and because I had 2 or more boxes ticked - in my case blood from back passage and over 50 - I was fast tracked under the 2 week rule and had my colonoscopy within 2 weeks. As Bear G says the colonoscopy is the best test and after that you will know where you stand :x:


Hi @jim31237 and welcome to the forum!

As @Bear G has mentioned, your colonoscopy will hopefully indicate what the problem is and hopefully, that doesn't mean cancer. There are many other issues which could be causing your symptoms. It sounds like your GP is on the ball and because you e met the urgent referral criteria, it's been marked as that. All too often, the opposite happens or patients are sent away by their GP initially. At least you'll soon know what's going on for you. Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious. I appreciate that the waiting is pretty difficult. Please let us know how you get on if you can.

Sending very best wishes



Thank you everyone. I'm very grateful for
Your kind replies and now feel better that an urgent colonoscopy is best to have as it will identify the cause of my symptoms sooner and I can be treated sooner for whatever they find. Kind regards jim.