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I had stage 1 bowel cancer diagnosed in nov last year with a bowel resection in December. All clear in jan then back to work as though nothing happened. I think it’s just catching up with me now but Maggie’s have been a lifesaver.


Hi @fionaa. Well done catching it early and getting through treatment successfully. Glad you've found Maggie's helpful. Best wishes for your recovery :x::x:


Hi @fionaa and welcome

As you say, it must be very strange to be told you have cancer, but then to carry on as if it was just a minor inconvenience (when we all understand here that is not the case!)

I'm really glad that you have the support of a Maggie's centre....I wish I had one nearby. Do continue to talk to us too, if we can help or if you have any experiences to share.

Best wishes :x:

greyhound gal

Hello @fionaa, really good that it was caught so early👍, but I expect it’s hitting you because although it’s all been done and sorted, you have had cancer! It must be hard to just ‘carry on’ with normal life. Stay in contact
Best wishes, Wendy :x::x:


I understand how you feel @fionna. I am over 3 years now but I don’t feel it has sunk in yet! My nurse said it will suddenly hit me, but when. I was T2 stage 1 . It’s just when the scans etc come round that I worry then it’s back to life. It’s a strange feeling :x::x::x: