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New diagnosis

Hello! I did a bowel test after my birthday in January which was positive - I was told more or less straight away I had a large mass in my rectum which the consultant was sure was cancer 1 am now 9 weeks down the line and after 2 MRI ‘s (pelvis and liver) CT scan, colonoscopy and finally pet scan- have been told today that my tumour has spread through bowel wall and is in lymph nodes outside bowel, near heart and somewhere else ( they had previously thought liver too however lesions there are benign-yay!) I am now waiting for the MDT to discuss on Thursday I really have no idea what’s next whether they’ll operate first or chemo first- nurses and Consultant that I’ve seen twice have been lovely and the nurse has beenvery supportive over the phone- I am lucky as I feel totally well and have amazing support from everyone it all feels a bit surreal at the moment. I wondered if anyone had the same and what treatment you were given? Thank you! :x:


Hi @NatalieH. Sorry you've had to join us here. Good news that the liver lesions are benign. I agree it all feels very surreal when you're otherwise feeling well. Hopefully you'll find out the plan soon after the MDT meeting. Best wishes :x::x:


Glad that you have support around you and that the liver lesions were benign, I've no advice, my Da went through chemo and radiation, once you have support, it's everything 🤗 :x::x:

greyhound gal

Hello @NatalieH, sorry that you’ve joined our club, but this is the best place for advice and support, and a place to air your worries and thoughts.
It is a surreal position to be in! I did have a rectal tumour (as well as one in the Bowel) but they were both removed as an emergency as my Bowel was totally obstructed. I would presume, if they are able to, you will receive chemo or radiotherapy before surgery but I’m not an expert!
Many best wishes, Wendy :x::x:

Colin Oscar Pea

Yes, this is one club nobody wants to join! The fact that you are feeling well is a big plus. Treatment is improving every day so stay as positive as you sound.


Best wishes from me @NatalieH .


Glad you found this forum. I have only been here a few weeks, but the warmth, support and personal experiences shared have made it easier to cope with it all.
My husband was diagnosed with T4N2M0 and they said it had come through the peritoneum, attached to the bladder etc. I am here to tell you, my husband was operated on April 4th, laparoscopically to remove an almost obstructed colon, and today we got his histology reports saying it was all clear in all the margins, all the nodes, blood vessels, etc that were removed from that region and he needs no further treatment.
So there is always hope. So chin up dear and all the very best.


Thanks folks feels nice to know other people know exactly how you feel-and to read encouraging news! I’m definitely going to try to stay as positive as possible -they say that’s half the battle 💕💕


Hello @NatalieH, you are in a very surreal place waiting for your treatment plan, but all will become clear very soon. Everyone’s Bowel Cancer is so different so it is impossible to predict what will be advised. Chemo and/or radiotherapy first or surgery first ............. whatever is decided the one certainty is that you will receive a lot of support from folk here. Stay in touch, Kim :x:


Thanks Kim-already feel better that we have a diagnosis the last 9 weeks waiting was worse! :x::x:


Hi @NatalieH . Just to say hello and sending supportive thoughts and hugs for your upcoming treatment. You will soon have a plan and will feel then that you are on the road to getting rid of the beast- in the bin where it belongs! Love Gypsyxx


Hello @NatalieH

So sorry you find yourself here, hope you get a treatment plan very soon, because we all understand that the waiting is the worst part.

Once you have a plan you will get lots of useful advice and support.

It's great that you feel supported by your medical team...very important.
Have you got supportive friends and family too?

Take care :x:



Hi there and another welcome from me. My hubby was diagnosed in June 15 with stage 4 bowel cancer. You can click on my name to read the background but another positive story as he is now cancer free.

You sound very positive and its good that you feel well and that you have a good team of people behind you. Try to keep as healthy and strong as possible so that you can get through any treatment that you are about to face. Regular exercise and good healthy diet will help you along.

Thinking of you and sending strength and positive thoughts.

Tiffany :x::x:

island girl

@NatalieH, hello & welcome, just wanted to send love & big supportive hugs. Glad you found this forum as you will get so much support & advice from those who knows. Keep positive , take one day at time. :x::x::x:


Thanks girls!! Yep I have amazing family and friends-very lucky 💕


A shame you’ve had to join our ‘not so little anymore’ Club.
I never what constitutes whether they try to shrink the tumour first or go straight for an op. My sigmoid tumour was 10cms yet I went straight in for an op to have it removed. I can’t believe they only do chemo on tumours bigger than that before operating?