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Hi all, I am a 35 year old guy and have just been diagnosed with an invasive carcinoma in the lower colon. I had been fearing the worst for a while but the confirmation still left me reeling. Although I am from the UK, and my family lives on the Welsh borders, I have been living and working in Vienna the past 3 years. Adding to my stress and sense of isolation therefore is the fact of living alone in a foreign city and engaging with a medical bureaucracy with which I am unfamiliar and often in a language that I barely speak! Fortunately, the medical care here is excellent and I have a solid support network. Nevertheless, I am still feeling lost and uncertain in wake of the news and wanted to join the community to find support and learn more. Thank you in advance and my warmest wishes go out to all fellow patients, relatives and friends.


@Teddy in Vienna, wishing you all the best for today Teddy


Teddy in Vienna

Hi @pingu14, @jj, @Clancy, @sj72, @greyhound gal, @Gypsy, thanks all so much for your wishes. Just seen the surgeon and team who are all absolutely lovely, efficient and reassuring. Prospective date for surgery 22 May but they’re confident they can get me in before then. Will confirm early next week. Procedure straightforward and minimally invasive. Will take lymph node samples afterwards to determine whether further treatment necessary thereafter. Meanwhile, they confirmed CT was good but would like another for the thorax before surgery. This will be on Tuesday. So far all seems to be going as well as possible. Warmest wishes to everyone and hope you can all get some respite this weekend :x::x::x::x:


I'm so pleased for you @Teddy in Vienna . It's not long to wait for the operation that will bin the B tumour for good and all! That's such a great thought isn't it? You'll be fine with the surgery but eat well and get lots of sleep and do lovely things meantime. Now is the time to spoil yourself! Love Gypsyx


Not long to wait @Teddy in Vienna, surgery will be just fine and in no time at all you will be recovering at home. Also brilliant that you feel in good hands and confident with the surgeon and team.
Thank you for the update.
Have a good weekend
Sharon :x:


@Teddy in Vienna
That’s several positive statements, and it’s really great that treatment plan is in place. Am sure you will get rid of the cancer and find yourself dancing on the ceiling!
Have a much needed stress free weekend. Keep us informed.


So pleased for you @Teddy in Vienna this is a really good outcome for you! Take good care of yourself leading up to the surgery! Keep us all updated :x::x::x:


Hello @Teddy in Vienna

I'm a bit late to write but thought I'd drop in as I'm in a similar situation to you - I'm originally from London but been living in Milan for the past 9 years. I was diagnosed in November and those first few weeks were so hard. But I joined this wonderful site and Macmillan, I also have a good network of friends here (and a husband and a 2 year old!) but I really wanted to have a UK contact just to compare things to. In fact calling the Macmillan helpline was also a great help just to sound off and ask questions in English...

It sounds like you're a positive person and this is great, I somehow managed to find this awesome drive and positivity and it's helping loads. If you're straight to surgery that's really great news. My path is a bit longer, I've just done 4 cycles of chemo, now onto 5 weeks of radio-chemo to shrink my alien even more (who knows, he may even totally disappear!!!).

Anyway, you're doing all the right things, just thought I'd drop in and comment as I'm also a brit living abroad.

All the best to you!
Sami :x::x:


Hey @Teddy in Vienna what’s the latest? Waiting for an update from you.

Teddy in Vienna

Hi @jj, thank you for checking in. I had the second CT scan of the thorax which was also clear. Also the date for my surgery has been brought forward to 13 May so really not too long to wait now at all! Meanwhile, I am enjoying a thoroughly relaxed (if somewhat soggy) weekend here in Vienna with good friends! Overall then I am doing ok.
@strongsami - great to hear from you and thank you for making contact! It is great to hear from someone also undergoing treatment abroad. It sounds like you are also receiving excellent treatment. What a beautiful city you are living in as well!
All best wishes to you both and wishing you a restful weekend!
Teddy :x::x::x:

Teddy in Vienna

Dear all, it has been a while since I last posted any update so time to rectify that now. Happily I have some good news. My surgery was brought forward (once again) to 10 May and went successfully and all to plan. Yesterday I received the histology results which showed the tumour was low grade and a sample of 40 lymph nodes showed all were clear. The surgeon still needs to discuss next steps with the oncology team but for now it's looking like I will move straight from treatment to monitoring. I am feeling very lucky. Moreover, for anyone who might find themselves in my situation in future, I can only commend the Austrian health service wholeheartedly for their efficiency, professionalism and compassionate care. Thank you also especially to everyone on the forum - several of whom I have been messaging separately - for the huge support that I have received these past few weeks. As so many have already pointed out it has truly been a lifeline. Warmest wishes to everyone and thank you again :x::x::x::x:


That’s great news @Teddy in Vienna. Very pleased for you. Very best wishes to you for a good steady recovery :x::x:


wonderful news, hope everything keeps going in the right direction, lots of luck for the future, cheers john.


Fantastic news @Teddy in Vienna wishing you a speedy recovery xxx Annie :x::x::x:


Good luck,I'm sure they can help you there.all the best


Hi there. I lived in Bulgaria for nearly 9 years and thought the general doctors very good in what they do, the hospitals look like old run down institutions but there is no MRSA there. Also you supply pillows, blankets and for food you may get a dry bit of bread and and bit of cheese, then a coffee sometime during the day so you take money in to get the nurses to buy you food.
What I am trying to say with the choice I would always come back home where I speak the same language as you cannot explain your pains your having plus here there is a network of carers and nurses.
Austrian, German and the Netherlands hospital are very good but home is better, good luck and learn the language that's important.



@Teddy in Vienna great news, the best you could have. Been wondering why we haven’t heard from you. Get on with your life now. Hopefully like my husband it’s gone from surgery to monitoring. Such a relief.
Really really glad for you. Don’t think we Brits will be allowed to get Austrian Healthcare unless we are residents or working there. But so pleased you got it all done and are on your road to complete recovery. Stay well.