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Dad is still vomiting 5 weeks now since lower anterior resection and liver biopsy.

Hi everyone.
Im here with dad in hospital @Aisling00 . Dad is still very ill. Hes vomiting yellow content like bile 7 or 8 times. Had to call for doctor.When they done op on march 12th, they done liver biopsy which confirmed a spread. Did anyone have constant vomiting. Were beginning to think its from liver. Doctor is putting dad on stronger anti sickness and has given him anti sickness injection stemitil. How are they leaving dad this length without finding the cause. Hope we get more answers from mri liver tomorrow. Sending best wishes to you all :x::x:


Dear @lisa7 . I'm so very sorry about the vomiting that your poor Dad is experiencing and I do hope that the anti-sickness injection and other meds will help. You know, I realise that you think nothing is being done to find out the cause but really, I would say that they are trying to do just that and also to get it under control. Also, that you will hopefully know more once liver MRI scan has been reported on. (I only know about things post liver surgery and you can be sick and lose your appetite after having that).
Lots of love to you all, Gypsyxxxx

Bear G

Hi @lisa7 and @Aisling00

Really sorry to hear your Dad is suffering so much. He’s in the best place to care for him, hopefully the change in anti emetics will help and the MRI will give some answers.

Please do keep pushing for answers, ‘polite persistence’ is the key.

Big hugs


Hi @lisa7 I’m sorry to hear you dad is struggling and appreciate how difficult it is to see your loved ones suffering. I hope you get some answers very soon :x::x:


Hi @lisa7 not sure if this helps or not but I too have had a liver biopsy recently and it made me feel sick. I've not actually been sick though and I was in quite a bit of pain for a week afterwards as well. There are quite a few antisickness meds that they can try and they might use a combination of meds to get the sickness under control. Hope ur dad feels better soon and they give u some answers soon :x::x: