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Scan results 18 months post chemo for T4n1mo... It's clear

I only had my scan done last night and got my results today!! Still clear!!
You probably saw me banging on about bleeding from my rear end so that's still worrying me. My rational head says it's piles/too much fibre or the daily asprin making me bleed and you can guess what the not so rational side is saying.

When I rocked up to frimley last night after my shift I was amazed to see a brand new scanning department with a brand new scanner that was not there 6 months ago, its a lot quicker than the old one! Sadly my day was tainted with bad news about poorly family members and my arse bleeding and the low iron but my scan result is a glimmer of hope im gonna cling to. ❤ Annie :x: :x: :x:


Great news re your scan @1234annie☺️. Sorry to hear about your poorly family members though, andI hope you manage to sort that bleeding out too 🤞🏻:x::x:


Good news about scan results @1234annie 🙂:x::x:


Great news @1234annie although I am sorry to hear about your poorly family members, take very good care, Kim :x::x::x:


Great to hear it's another clear scan @1234annie though sorry to hear about your poorly family member :x::x:


Great news on your scan results @1234annie sorry to hear about your poorly family member and your ongoing issue hope they get to the bottom of it for you (pardon the pun 😃) hugs :x::x::x:


Thanks guys, I'm still bleeding. It looks dark but maybe that's the iron tablets. I've not had time to chase up my nurse 4 blood results. It's had to take a back seat as my uncle is sadly end of life, my aunt has suspected BC and just to top the day off my mum has been taken to hospital with heart failure. All in all its been a bit shitty 😢 it's all happened in the space of 2 days


Oh no @1234annie , sending a big hug :x::x::x:


@1234annie. Sorry to hear you and your family are having such a tough time. Sending a hug :x::x:


Hi @1234annie great news, I hope you get sorted soon :x::x:

greyhound gal

Great news about you @1234annie, but very sad family news. Keep on keeping on :x::x:


Gosh @1234 what a dreadful 2 days. So so sorry and sending you hugs. But it is awful seeing blood ,it really scares you doesn’t it. Hope things improve for you :x::x::x:


Fab news about the scan @1234annie but I’m so sorry about your family. Re: bleeding, I have it on and off too so I can sympathise with the panic. It’s awful. I know I have piles/fissures - it’s red blood with a stinging pain - but the fear is still very very real and the ‘what ifs’ are hard to move past. Be reassured by the CT scan (it would show wall thickening). That’s what my onc said, and also by the recent sig. :x::x::x::x:


Take care @1234annie, thinking of you and the family.:x::x:


@fantastic news @1234annie I also still bleed on and off and had a CT scan January that was clear :x::x:


Thanks guys, my mum is vv poorly now. The doctor discussed DNR 😢. She's still moaning and a bit snappy so there is still some fight in her but the doctors said her heart is very weak and she can't breath without oxygen. My nurse called and said my ferritin is on the low side so they tested me for celiac disease. It would make sense for all the terrible farts & poos etc??? Who knows, I find it hard to believe I could get to 40 and not know I've got something like that? Anyway, should know Monday. :x:


Great news about your scan results @1234annie.
Very very sorry to hear about so much happening within your family. Big virtual 🤗🤗to you. Hopefully it might be fissures in the rectum or Anus that is causing the bleed. Praying that things look up for you. Stay positive not only for yourself but for mum too.


Hi @1234annie , sorry to hear about your mum, just a thought, are you taking aspirin AND tumeric?


Hi @1234annie, don’t know how I missed this, wonderful news on the clear scan, and so sorry that your mum is so unwell. Look after yourself, sending hugs.:x::x:

Quote from @dc1:
Hi @1234annie , sorry to hear about your mum, just a thought, are you taking aspirin AND tumeric?

No I was just taking asprin. They have done a blood test for celiac disease. :x:


Hi @1234annie. I'm so glad that your scan was clear.
So sorry to hear about your Mum being unwell.
I hope that they can find out what's causing the bleeding. :x::x::x::x: