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Holidays and travel insurance

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help,please, my husband just finished 5 weeks radiotherapy/chemo and now has 8/10 weeks before next MRI CT scan then maybe surgery to follow. Oncologist suggested it's a good time to take a holiday now. we have been looking but now just tried to get insurance and just found it very difficult. Been quoted £2270 for 12 days cover with one company, and boots although very nice lady apologises but that can't cover, she said if he had had chemo then on a break then more chemo it wouldn't be a problem but because he is waiting to find out what next treatment plan is can't cover
Does anyone have any suggestions, we were not looking for long haul, just cruise around uk and Ireland .

Thank you :x::x:


Have you tried the allclear insurance website @justhope ?
Although I,m not on any ongoing treatment (just monitoring)I found them very reasonable.
Managed to get 31 day single trip cover for Thailand for about £60 through Ok to travel.Could have got it cheaper too but chose the premium cover


Thanks for replies I am wondering now if I answered questions in a wrong way, my husband was diagnosed and treatment plan was 5 weeks chemo/radiotherapy then wait 8/10 then rescans then maybe operation etc now when they ask about “is surgery planned” I say yes it is , but thinking about it they also said treatment may make tumour go completely like it did for cyclingjohnny as an example but they did say that was rare, so how do you answer the question to more treatment planned if you don’t really know that answer until after scans and MDT meeting... any thoughts? :x:


Hi @justhope. I googled ‘travel insurance for cancer patients’ and then went through the moneysupermarket link that it brought up. You complete all the questions online including any existing conditions and it brought up several pages of quotes with varying excesses etc. I think I paid about £22 for a weeks cover to Cyprus between radiotherapy and surgery in 2016 and I’ve just paid £18 for a weeks cover to Italy. It didn’t take long to complete online so might be worth a quick look? :x:


@justhope, if this was me I would put no more treatment planned because it might not be, my insurance company always asks if it’s just routine bloods/scans. I use insurewith who have been really good. You will find insurance companies will not take the risk if you are awaiting treatment. :x::x:


Hi @justhope, please try Insurancewith.com, set up by someone with cancer to solve the problem. You did not answer the questions incorrectly it is just that many insurance companies really do charge ridiculous prices. If you try this company it is easier to speak to someone on the phone rather than complete online, Kim :x::x:


Hi @justhope - I agree with @Lirio345, it is easier to talk to someone rather than checking boxes online. I have no ongoing treatment but I am on the AddAspirin trial which seemed to be a big deal as far as some companies were concerned and so would not cover me. Insurancewith were very helpful and offered me 3 weeks cruise cover (for a Med trip) for £76.


Thanks everyone for so much information and suggestions, I have done online quote with insurewith and it came in at £140 some of the questions and answer options didn't quite fit so I think I will ring to get clarification, but it's much much cheaper than my last quote of £2700!!


I have used Insurancewith @justhope and needed to change something. They updated the policy at no extra charge. I found them very helpful so I hope you do too, and get away for a lovely holiday. :x::x:


Thank you so much @KarenE :x:


@justhope , I used insurancewith.com and found them really helpful and reasonable pricewise. Good luck :x::x:


this is very helpful - thanks for putting it on


Insurance with for me too . Always need to have a further chat after on line application but they are really helpful . £80 for Europe cruise covering all cancer related potential issues and on treatment 2 weekly long term .


@Jane39 lots of people seem to have used insure with, thank she for sharing, have you checked out policy, if so is it good cover? I presume it must be with so many using them.


Sorry it should have read Thank you for sharing ! Predictive text.


Hi @justhope . I felt very assured from this company that I was covered for everything related to my cancer, treatment and side effects and that if was unable to travel once holiday booked they would cover me and my partner for full reimbursement. It was the wonderful people on this site that gave me the information.


Thank you @Jane39 and that is good to know.


Hi @justhope there are lots of threads on this subject if you use the search button. I used allclear and insurewith and both excellent. If you register with Ellie’s friends you can also get a 5 percent discount. Cheers Bridget :x:


@Bridget55 thank you I am relatively new on hear so still finding my way around how to navigate the site. Thanks for the tip.


Sorry what/where is Ellie's friends?


Hi @justhope it’s called ellies.friends.org and gives things away for folks with cancer. Also it’s now merged with Maggies centre a support organisation with multiple bases all over the Uk. Excuse my brevity as in the midst of organising a charity ball. Good you have a holiday good luck getting the insurance. Let us know if you need any more help. You can register for Ellie’s and once accepted then you are entitled to other goodies. X. I’ve found allclear and insurewith helpful and even had to cancel a holiday and no quibbles. Single trip was under 100 pounds :x: