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Bread substitute 🤔

Hello, does anyone have any suggestions re some sort of gluten free carbs, primarily bread? I can’t eat the gluten free bread available in the supermarket because I also have a salicylate and sulphite intolerance/allergy (asthma) I need something that’s not ultra processed.
Really just trying to find something to eat for extra carbs/‘easy’ lunch. I eat oatcakes but they are a bit hard to digest/bulky after one or two! I am trying to eat well 😳


Hi @bettebette
Not the proper answer to your bread-substitute question but my husband and I rarely eat bread as he (IBS) finds too much wheat causes problems. He tends to eat last night's left overs (e.g., wheat free pasta and sauce, shepherd's pie) or a cheese omelette. And I often have yoghurt and fruit.

Good luck :x:


What about sushi, my daughter has that sometimes, or other rice based dishes.


Thanks @justhope I am a vegetarian but rice is fine. :x::x:



I wonder is there is a type of chickpea or quinoa bread that you can buy? If not maybe try making some yourself. Have you ever thought about making your own gluten free bread and then you can ensure that there are not too many processed ingredients in there. My friend had a bread maker and apparently it's easy to use.

Other than that how about something like corn tortillas or rice paper wraps? or else maybe a decent bakery can point you in the right direction.

Not an easy one :x:


Tortilla chips and / or sour dough bread or maybe some kind of tray bake or home made bread with flax seed / other grains ?


Thank you @Bridget55 and @Tiffany the corn tortillas are a good idea, and I have not heard of rice wraps I will search them out; a bread maker might be worth a try too. Thank you for the recipe link @jeangenie I will have a look at that.


Hi @Sparkles that looks very nice and easy (always a plus in my book!) I can use one of the alternative flours. Thank you :x::x:


Thank you @jamtart and @Sparkles
I have bought some gluten free flour this afternoon! :x::x:

greyhound gal

I might give the Jamie Oliver flatbreads ago @Sparkles, they looked yummy, although the pictures seem to have disappeared? Or am I going mad?!


Needless to say buying the flour was as far as I got! However, since cutting out bread my gut pain has improved, I am wondering if it was just the ‘bulk’ of bread that was the problem (I can’t eat wholemeal because of allergies)